How to Look Stylish in Duck Shoes

by Nancy

Many women want to upgrade their fashion this winter season. Duck shoes are definitely a great option to keep the feet of women really warm, especially through the cold, harsh winter months. They can be seen as a very practical shoe in a women’s closet, keeping the feet dry due to their waterproof ability.

However, with the colored rubber upper part of the shoe, they aren’t seen as one of the most trendy or fashionable shoes out there. They are often looked at as an ugly shoe compared to others on the market like UGGs and Timberlands. This negative perception amongst women makes them not want to go shopping for the shoes. Despite that fact, dressed up with the right outfit, they can look great on any woman looking to show of her sense of style! Overall, this article is going to be going over how to look stylish in ducks shoes. Let’s get started!

Style the shoes with slimmed legged pants

Looking throughout Pinterest on women wearing duck shoes, there looks to be a common theme among all pictures: All of the women have slimmed legged pants. Most of the women are seen wearing both skinny jeans and leggings while rocking the shoes. As for the jeans, most of the women are seen wearing primarily dark wash or black jeans with the shoes. However, really any slim legged pant is going to look great with the boot as long as you make sure that the colors coordinate well. Many women like to wear the boot with the classic brown colorway. Layered with your favorite jacket along with a scarf and voila, a stylish look that people will adore. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that the boots should NOT be worn with baggy or saggy pants, for these options will make the utilitarian look of the boots look horrible.

Wear a pair of slouchy socks with them

Another common look on Pinterest that women are consistently wearing with the boot are a pair of slouchy socks, letting the socks pop out the top of the boot. These socks should be worn over the leggings or jeans. Slouchy grey socks are a common sock color and style worn with the boots, but any kind will really work as long as they match your outfit. These gray socks will look good in black skinny jeans or black leggings. In the end, the socks tend to give the outfit a better overall look.

Overall, these two tips can dramatically increase a woman’s fashion and style if implemented correctly. The slimmed legged pants will give the woman a slimmer look, highlighting the look of the boots and her body. The slouchy socks will also add character to the outfit. In the end, women implementing this style will have their own unique look that others will love. In the end, this is a great way to take a negative look, put a unique spin on it, and make it your own.