How To DIY Foundation Repair

Most homeowners understand the important role that the foundation plays in ensuring the structural integrity of their home. This is why some people do not know whether they should opt for DIY foundation repair or call the professionals. If you have sagging walls, sticking doors or cracks on your walls, here are steps to follow when repairing your foundation.

Identify the foundation type

Homeowners who want to carry out DIY foundation repair should identify their foundation type. This means finding out whether their home is on a crawlspace or a slab. A home built on a crawlspace will have an access door somewhere towards the bottom of the exterior walls. This will go a long way in helping the owner to decide whether they can do the work or get a professional to handle the project.

Identify the symptoms and cause of the problem

The next step when it comes to foundation repair would be to identify the symptoms of the problem. Some of the common symptoms include sagging floors, leaning chimneys, cracked walls, bowing basement walls and sticking windows and doors.

Determine the type of repair needed

Once one has completed the first step, they will be in a good position to determine whether they can fix the problem on their own. The ability to address the issue will depend on expertise and access to equipment. This stage requires the home owner to determine the most suitable type of repair for the specific problem they have identified.

Understand the necessary tools

There is no doubt that a property owner who wishes to repair their foundation will require certain tools to get the job done. This is an important step considering that the foundation shoulders the entire weight of the home. In most cases, repairing a foundation will require cement, wire cable and hydraulic jacks.

Carry out the repairs

Once one has gone through all the above steps, it will be time to repair the defects in the foundation. Before carrying out the repairs, it is necessary to prepare both mentally and financially. A home owner may want to get a family member or friend to lend a hand. This will go a long way in ensuring that the project goes on to completion without stalling.

Once home owners know how to repair their home foundation, they can handle the project on their own. After all these steps have been followed, a professional inspection will help to establish whether the job was done properly.