Bee removal

What to Do When Bees Invade Your Home

Being greeted by bees in your home is never a good feeling, even though they do a lot of good for the environment. Having a bee nest near your home can be harmful to you and your family, especially since you run the risk of them entering your home and stinging you.

here are of course several options out there that one can use to get the bees out of your home, in an easy way, and we are here to give you the rundown of how to remove bees from your home.

Assess the Situation

Before you take any action for bee removal, you will need to assess the situation that you have at hand adequately. Removing bees isn’t easy, and doing this quick step will make the process of a lot faster. The first thing that you need to assess is which parts of your home the bees are flying about in.

If you can, try to find the general location of the nest, but do so with caution, since you might be entering bee infested areas. If the situation sees too severe to venture out and look for the nest, it’s okay to wait and call a beekeeper or pest control for help, since that is the safer option.

Contact Your Local Beekeeper

Contacting your local beekeeper is one of ideal things to do in a situation where your home is being invaded by bees. The beekeeper will remove the honeycomb without killing the bees. You will be doing a great deed for the environment, as bees are an endangered species. Most beekeepers are always happy to come to people’s homes and take the bees of their hands.

The process that beekeepers use to remove bees is however incredibly long and can take up to an entire day to complete. A beekeeper usually eliminates the honeycomb carefully and places it in their honeycomb transfer, thereby attracting the bees to it. If the bees are still not drawn to the honeycomb, they may have to use a special vacuum to suck up the bees, which happens without killing them.

Sometimes, the beehive may be lodged above a false ceiling or behind a wall. If you do want to go in for the option of getting it removed through a beekeeper, you might have to get a contractor to break down the concrete so that the beekeeper can reach the nest.

During this time, the bees may be flying around a lot more than usual, which is why it is advised to stay indoors with all your doors closed or leave your home for the duration of the work being done if it is inside.

Contact Your Local Exterminator

Calling a professional bee removal service or a local exterminator is the best in situations where you want to get rid of the bees quickly and effectively. Local exterminators may however not come the very same day if they are booked up for a few appointments already, but when they do come, the process is as quick as one hour. However, the duration that it takes to remove the bees may vary from the exterminator to exterminator, and depend on the number of bees and the severity of the situation.

Extermination services will, of course, cost you for the work that they put in and the chemicals that they use to carry out the killing process. The extermination service uses chemicals and pesticides to kill off all the bees, in a more efficient manner.

Sometimes, the pupa of the bees gets left behind in the place where the nest used to be, which is why the exterminator might have to come once again in a week to completely rid you of the bees in your home.

Though this is a quick and efficient process, it leaves you with a swarm of dead bees in the area where the honeycomb used to be. You will have to clean this up properly and dispose of them carefully since they have been treated with chemicals. Stay away from the area for a couple of hours after the extermination has been done, and keep younger children away from the area for at least two days.

Whether you are going to contact a beekeeper for a safe bee removal, or are looking to call an exterminator to get rid of them quickly, always remember to wash the place thoroughly after the job has been done to prevent any honey residue that could potentially attract more bees, or even ruin the surface that it is on.

You can also keep bee spray on you in the case where you see a few bees, however, this might not be a viable option if there is a hive or too many bees in your backyard or your home.