Your Holiday Gift Guide 2020

It is never too early to start planning the Christmas or Hanukkah gifts you want to buy your family and friends. Some people start buying gifts as early as January so that they can properly budget out their money throughout the year. Starting your holiday shopping early allows you to partake in fun sales as well as being able to find popular products that haven’t sold out yet. If you need some inspiration, here a few ideas to get you started.

Backpacks For Everyone

Backpacks make a great gift for kids and adults. Kids always need backpacks for school and there are tons of fun colored and patterned backpacks that they will like. For teenagers and adults, small backpacks have become trendy and cool to wear around. Backpacks are also great for traveling or sports-related activities.

Finding Popular Video Games

One of the most popular gifts each year are video games. People of all ages love video games and there are always new game consoles being released each year. Whether you are a Nintendo, PlayStation or X-Box fan, there are tons of games to choose from for each system. Some games can be quite pricey, so you can do a quick search online to see if there are any sales or discounts. You can also go to video game stores to see if they ever any used games at a discounted price.

Smart Watches Make the Perfect Gift

Watches have been a great gift item for many years for children and adults, but the latest craze are smart watches. Smart watches are almost like mini computers nowadays. You can listen to music, read your text messages and emails, look at your calendar and even make phone calls. Some watches sync with your phones and some can function independently of your phone.

Trendy Athleisure Clothing

Athleisure is the latest trend in men and women’s clothing. Athleisure is basically lounge or sportswear that is slightly dressier than normal. Leggings and hoodies are some of the most popular items but you can find shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, skirts and more that fit in the athleisure category. This type of dressing is becoming more and more popular because it is trendy and flattering, yet super comfy.

Versatile Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers are very common because they connect with everyone’s smart phones and it is fun to play music through your phone and pretend like you are DJ for a few minutes. Wireless speakers are great because you can take them anywhere. You can easily move them from room to room in your home or you can even bring them to the park or the beach.

Phone Cases For Every Model

With new cell phones being released all the time, that means that new cell phone cases are being released as well. Cell phone cases are so important because they protect your phone if you drop it. Because most cell phones have some sort of glass feature, they can easily crack or shatter. Cell phone cases come in all shapes, sizes and colors. It really is up to you to decide what type you want to get.

Casual and Luxury Men’s Watches

Giving that special man in your life a nice watch can be a thoughtful and special gift. Because watches tend to be on the pricier side, you want to make sure that you find the right one that will really suit the person you are buying it for. Some watches come with interchangeable bands so you can have a leather band or metal links.

Wigs For Any Occasion

Wigs are becoming more and more popular because of celebrities who frequently wear them. Wigs have been around for ages, but nowadays, more and more women and girls are wanting to wear wigs just for fun. You can find wigs in all styles and colors.

Upgrading To the Latest Smartphone

When it comes to getting a new cellphone, you might feel unsure of which phone to get. If you are gifting a phone to someone, then it is totally up to you on which one you want to get them. Think about the person you are buying a phone for and imagine what they will use the phone for. You can then find a phone that fits the needs and wants of that person.

Having Fun With Tablets

Tablets make a great gift for kids and adults because there are so many things you can do with them. Tablets are basically small computers without a keyboard – although you can get attachable keyboards to put on them. You can watch movies, browse the Internet, play music, read and send emails, play games and so much more on tablets.

Perfume Makes The Perfect Gift

All women love to smell nice and perfume is the perfect gift to give during the holidays. Some women have a signature scent and others like to wear different perfume everyday. Because perfume is such a popular gift, most department stores will offer special deals or discounts on perfume bundles. This is something that you should take advantage of if you are planning on buying perfume for someone this holiday season.

Outdoor Grills

Although they are a larger item, outdoor grills make the perfect gift for someone who loves to spend time outdoors and grill delicious food. You can find outdoor grills online or at home goods stores. If you don’t know which grill to buy, you can always talk to a store employee and they will go over the prices and features so you can decide which one you want to buy.

Golf Clubs

A new set of golf clubs make the perfect gift for any golf enthusiast. You can find golf clubs that range in price from affordable to very expensive so it is up to you to decide on which type you want to get. If you don’t know much about golf clubs and are a first time buyer, you will watch to speak with a golf specialist who can walk you through each club. They will let you know what type of clubs you should always have with you.


This holiday season, if you are looking for a unique and fun gift, you should consider getting a drone. Drones are becoming more and more popular and they are incredibly fun to fly and can take high quality video and pictures from an aerial view. Drones are perfect for kids and adults.

Gift Cards

If you aren’t sure what to get someone, one of the best things you can purchase is a gift card to one of their favorite stores. Or, you could simply buy a “cash or credit card” gift card that has money pre-loaded on it so that person can purchase whatever they want wherever the want.

Christmas Gifts For Men

If you are lacking ideas for Christmas gifts this year for the men in your life, then it might be time to start browsing the Internet for some good ideas. Wallets and watches are two very popular gift ideas. Another gift that is growing in popularity for men are high end, personalized shaving razors. Clothing and shoes are always fun gifts, but if you are looking for more personalized gifts for men, you might want to consider an engraved frame, mug, bracelet, tie clip or cuff links.

Christmas Gift For Women

When it comes time to choosing a Christmas gift for the woman or women in your life, you might need some new ideas for this year’s gift. One of the most popular gifts for women is jewelry. A runner up would be perfume or handbags. A fun, new idea for a Christmas gift is to get someone a subscription box that comes once a month with items that they will enjoy such as healthy snacks or beauty products.