Women’s Shoes

What Shoe Style Fits Your Needs?

There are dozens of different styles of shoes on the market at any given time.  Some have been around for decades, or longer, while others are seemingly short lived fads. There are shoes that fit every occasion, that go with every outfit, that show of your personality perfectly. But with so many choices it can be difficult to settle on the right style.  Perhaps you are hoping your newest pair of flats show that you value simplicity and comfort, and the choice to wear them shows your priorities are utility over style.  And then there are those nights where you just need to wear those high heeled boots to start turning heads.  While there are too many styles of shoe to go over in this short article, there are a few worth taking the time to mention further.


Casual Wear and Comfort:

Comfort is important in any shoe that you find yourself wearing on a daily basis. Most casual shoes tend to be flats, such as Ballerinas or Ballet Pumps, or the ever popular sneaker or canvas shoe.  Both offer comfort and a great casual look. Most canvas shoes tend to be a bit sportier, with a more durable appearance than Ballerinas, but both work with a wide variety of outfits.  Most Ballerinas and Canvas Shoes come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, meaning you can always find the perfect shoe to match your own personal style.


Another casual option is the wedge shoe.  An exceedingly popular shoe style, wedges offer a slightly more refined look, without the potential discomfort of most high heels. Lower wedges are generally more comfortable to wear, and work well with most casual wear. In some cases a lower wedge will pair well with a more formal outfit.



Boots are an incredible choice for many different outfits, with the added benefit of being great practical wear for any season. A good sturdy boot gives support and comfort in any situation, from walking around the office building, to a night out on the town.  Boots come in a variety of styles, such as shorter Ankle Boots, or longer Calf Boots, as well as options that accentuate personal style, like a Chelsea Boot. Many tend to view boots as winter wear, but with all the different options available to you, you can find a good pair of boots that will work for any season. Another aspect of boots that makes them a great choice is their durability.  A pair of boots made from a solid, weather resistant material will survive multiple winters of rain and snow, as well as mud in the spring.  And while boots may not be the best choice for hotter areas, especially places with sweltering summers, a good pair of boots are imperative for every wardrobe.


Formal Wear and Dress Shoes:

Dress shoes, or women’s formal shoes, are shoes meant for formal wear, or special occasions.  Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear them everyday.  If you love the look and feel of a shoe, it is your choice on whether or not to wear it. The typical women’s dress shoe has a higher heel, and is generally more ‘glamorous’ than everyday wear. This usually means an extra level of embellishment or flair.  The classic formal shoe is the high heel. These add height and sophistication.  There are several different styles of heel, each with their own unique personality. Block Heels are more practical heels for everyday wear, Stiletto Heels offer a popular and noticeable shape, and Wedge heels offer comfort and easier walking. As with any other shoe, there are many options and styles to choose from, ensuring you have the right shoe for every occasion.