Why You Need To Buy A New Mattress

Do you experience back pains, migraines, fatigue, muscle pains and joint pains and you cannot relate these symptoms to any health condition? Maybe you should rethink your sleep lifestyle, most probably on your mattress general condition.

A mattress is one of the products that you might be spending much of your life on, probably more than your office chair and your couch. A good mattress should help you restore energy after a long tiresome day, relax, and enjoy comfort. With American stores full of brands such as Amerisleep, Sealy, Serta, Simmon, Restoric, Corsicana and others, many people go out to buy a mattress when their mattress feel hard and worn out. At the store, a person would spot a mattress, hop onto the bed and the stronger the mattress’ up thrust, the better it is. This criterion is inaccurate.

Meanwhile, there is growing sentiment on health and safety standards of some chemically manufactured mattresses such as PVC, and formaldehyde treated foams. However, this concern should not be an issue as there are organic mattress pad toppers out on the market for your health concerns.

The following are reasons to prompt you to get a new mattress;

1. Dirty Covers

For some reasons, the bed sheets could not have been enough buffer between the body and the mattress itself, and for that reason, body sweat has been seeping through the mattress covers. This has the potential of exposing you to dangerous gasses that are released through complex chemical processes involving body heat, pressure on the foam, ammonia and the chemical materials used on mattresses such as fire deterrents. It is advisable to dispose of that dirty mattress as there could be more than meets the eye beneath the covers.

2. Inability to Fall Asleep Faster

If you spend an average of thirty minutes tossing in bed waiting for the body to adjust to a hard mattress surface, it is time you throw the mattress out with the trash. The reason for the tossing and inability to fall asleep is due to the stressed mattress molecular formula. Additionally, a mattress that takes time to adjust to pressure cannot readjust after sleep causing depressions of body position further stressing up sleep turns leading to muscle pains in the morning. Some new mattress inventions use the Surface Modification Technology (SMT) to create soft surfaces that adjust to pressure exertion.

3. High Body Temperature

If you are usually woken up in the middle of the night by high temperatures, you should get a new mattress. The reason for the buildup of heat is because the mattress is unable to aerate the body as the mattress’ foam pores are clogged up under intense body pressure and years of sweat accumulation. Some mattresses brands such as the Spring Air and Amerisleep have taken into consideration this aspect and are well aerated. Therefore, all their products despite the density have a cooling night sensation.

4. Motion Sensitive Mattress

If you share a bad and the other person’s movement affect you due to the mattress’ movements and sounds of friction, get a new mattress. This shortcoming is more pronounced in innerspring mattresses than other mattress types. It is, therefore, advisable to look out for latex layers, pocketed coils and memory foam mattresses to avoid future experiences.


If your mattress is motion sensitive, hot, dirty, gas emitting and pressure insensitive, it does not facilitate a relaxing, comforting and energy restoring sleep and you should get a new one. When scouting for a new mattress hopping on the beds at the mall and feeling the sensation of comfort is not a sufficient determinant of a good mattress. You should consider the density, material used, chemical treatments, and the prices. Some of the best rated American mattresses that you can try out are the Amerisleep AS3, Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze, Sealy Optimum Elation Gold and Serta iComfort Prodigy III.