Why You Need a Canopy Bed

When you imagine a canopy bed, you might think of a French bedroom. But even before canopies were associated with wealth, they were used to give noblemen and women some privacy. As the picture of comfort and riches progressed through the 16th century, the canopy beds of the wealthy became more and more ornate.

There are different types of canopies for beds: complete canopy; full canopy and half canopy. A complete canopy is usually seen on a four-poster bed. The canopy goes around the entire bed as it falls over all sides. This is popular amongst teenagers. The fabric can drape down full length or mid-length of the bed. The canopy can be supported by the posts from the four corners of the bed with an option to have either a flat roof or an arched one. The “roof” is also covered with fabric. The fabric can either be of heavy materials suitable for colder months or light nettings suitable for the summer months. Since the canopy’s only attachment is to the four posters, this type of canopy bed could easily be moved.

Another option for a complete canopy is with the use of a curtain rod. You can turn an ordinary bed into a canopy bed by suspending curtain rods on the ceiling around the bed’s perimeter. You can hang curtains on the rods to enclose the bed, making the ceiling the bed’s canopy. You might consider putting a space between the rod and the ceiling for light to stream in and for air circulation.