Why Get A Background Check

The Background Check Process

When applying for a new job, getting a new apartment, applying for loans or for many other reasons, many people will have to go through a background check for financial and security reasons. The background check process is used to determine that a person is not a risk to place into a community, job position or sometimes to get clearance to confidential information for a job, such as getting DoD clearance for specific jobs. Whatever the reason, there are a few options available.

The requester may run the report for the person getting checked. This is the most common option. Before any background check process can be completed, the entity running the report is legally obligated to inform the person they are running the check on that they will be doing so. Laws can vary how long back they can run a check for and what they can specifically do with that information, however.

Occasionally, however, a background check may need to be run by the person who the check is about or by a person wanting a check on another private citizen. When this is the case, there are a few steps to make this easier. There are many companies out there that will run background checks for a fee. These companies are able to pull public records from several sources to give a full background report in most cases. In some cases, local states may offer background reports as well, with their state bureau of investigations for a fee as well.

If more information is needed than what online sources can provide, there is always the option to hire a professional private investigator. Hiring a private investigator can be costly, but if the information needed needs to be very detailed this may be a good route.

What are Different Types of Background Checks?
A reliable background check method is called Live Scan fingerprinting. Many places of employment send prospective employees to have their fingerprints processed using computerized scanning technology. The appropriate state or government agency will review the records and contact the individual with written results.

Criminal record and child abuse background checks can be completed online to obtain records within a particular state. Online background checks provide instant access to an individuals history. Intellus, Instant CheckMate, GoodHire, and Been Verified are a few websites that can use to request a background check. Online background check sites usually require a monthly subscription fee and are beneficial for employers conducting many background checks every month.