Where Can I Find Wifi / Wifi Locations Near Me

When people are out and about, wifi can be a intermittent luxury. Sometimes, it’s a necessity, though. How do they find it when they need it? Here are a few tips on how to find wifi.

Check nearby restaurants

Fast food and sit down dining restaurants both often offer free wifi. So do coffee shops and ice cream shops. This is often one of the quickest, and free, ways to find wifi locations.

Download an app

If someone knows they’re going to be away from their usual wifi connection for a while but still need to find wifi while they’re out, they can download an app that will tell them where to find wifi. There are several such apps, and typically, they allow users to search based on city, or based on location, such as airport, restaurant, etc.

Go to the library

Most public libraries offer computer access these days, complete with internet. They usually offer free wifi, as well, so that patrons can bring their own laptops and access the internet. Users may need to pay a small fee to access library wifi, if they don’t have a library card.

Check with ISP

A person’s ISP, or internet service provider, may offer wifi through thousands of hotspots around the country. This will require a bit of research ahead of time, but the information can usually be found on the service provider’s website. Often, there is a map which indicates wifi locations. Users simply need to enter a username and password (typically, the same ones they enter to pay their bill or access their account) to gain access.

Traveling wifi

Check out hotels and airports for wifi, too. While many hotels do lock down their wifi and only provide access codes to paying guests, there are some that are still free to use. Airports are another possible source of wifi. Typically, an airport will be a better source for those who are already traveling.

When someone is on the go and needs to get online quickly and reliably, how to find wifi can be a crucial question. These tips should make it easier to quickly and easily find useable wifi locations without much delay.