What You Should Know About Mail Services.

So, there are lots of cool things about the USPS (United States Postal Service) that escape the attention of the general public every day. In the high-tech digital world that we all live in, it’s easy to forget about all of the good deeds and mail service performed by the USPS. After all, fewer people every day can honestly say they remember a time when the good men and women at the post office failed to do their jobs or give service. Everybody knows where they can find a post office, but how many of us really have a clue as to what goes on behind the scenes? There’s a lot going on in your nearest USPS location. The details are definitely worth keeping in mind, and they should fill any decent American citizen with a sense of pride and gratitude. 

It’s not enough that the USPS delivers a number of letters and packages throughout the year. How these professionals get the job done can be considered something of a bedrock for society as a whole. It all starts with community and ends with mail service. Support to communities through food drives is a good example of this mantra in action. Of course, the USPS is not just about giving handouts to needy members of society from coast to coast. It has more than enough stable and gainful employment for anyone wanting to start or continue a career in mail delivery service. That’s why thousands of veterans call it a home away from home. In total, the USPS has more than 7 million employees serving the United States. 

With such a massive and expansive team, the people working at the post offices across the states get things done. In fact just about half of all the mailed that gets delivered in the world is handled by the USPS. For anyone who wonders what that looks like, the whole operation includes a couple of hundred thousand vehicles and some innovative collaboration with businesses in the private sector. The set up for this is simple and actually quite genius in it’s nature. When packages have to fly, the USPS gets a little help from UPS (United Parcel Service) and FedEX (Federal Express) from time to time. When packages have to move by ground, things reverse and the USPS lends a helping hand to its competition. There’s only one difference. When the packages are handled by the USPS, there are federal laws in play and serious consequence for getting in the way of its delivery. 

Enough soup and salad. It’s time to get to the meat and potatoes. Just what does the USPS do for the general public and how do things break down service wise? To start with, there’s Priority Mail Express that only takes about 1-2 days to reach it destination. After that, Priority Mail can take up to 3 days. First Class Mail and Package Service (Retail) is anywhere from 1-3 days. Rounding up the lists of delivery services, USPS Retail Ground and Media Mail run anywhere between. 2-8 days.