What To Put On A Wedding Registry

Couples who are planning their wedding should put a lot of time and thought into what they put on their wedding registry. A wedding registry is a great way to get some home basics that couples usually need to have when they’re combining their lives, as well as some fun, superfluous items. Here are some ideas about the best things to include on the list that often go forgotten.

Landscaping and Yard Care Items

Most couples focus on what they’ll be needing inside the house and forget they’ll also need lots of stuff for yard maintenance. Useful things in this category include a lawnmower, a weed whacker, hedge trimmers, or a leaf blower. Getting these big items as wedding presents could save lots of money down the road.


Some newlyweds end up getting larger beds and needing new sheets for them or wanting sheets for a guest bedroom if they’re getting a bigger home. People often skimp on sheets, but they’re used every single day, so it’s nice to put a high-quality sheet set with a high thread count on wedding registries.

A Bar Cart

Any couple that plans to entertain guests a lot should definitely put a bar cart on their list. A nice bar cart adds elegance to a living space and makes for a convenient spot to mix and prepare drinks. Though this may seem like a frivolous purchase, most people say that they end up getting a lot more use from it than they thought.

New Luggage

People usually let too much time pass between updating their luggage. It gets beaten up and worn down quickly. New luggage can be great for the upcoming honeymoon and for any travel that comes after. This is a great wedding registry item for couples who like spend a lot of time travelling.

Shower Organizer

For newlywed couples who are moving in together for the first time, a shower organizer is a very useful addition to the bathroom. It helps keep things organized when double the toiletries are around. They’re usually a metal rack that hangs under the shower head and some of the nicer ones include shampoo and soap dispensers.

A wedding registry is a great way to bulk up on home essentials. Be sure to heavily consider everything that will be needed in this new life phase!