What Are the Benefits of Drinking Bottled Water?

While tap water is the standard for many American families, bottled water has enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years. Tap water might be convenient, but the crisp, refreshing taste of bottled water is unparalleled. Bottled water is the go-to source of hydration for campers, hikers, adventurers, and laborers, due to its portability and the healthy minerals present in the water. It’s cheap, it’s sold just about everywhere, and every brand has its own unique taste. And best of all, it allows ordinary people to enjoy the sensation of drinking right from a spring in the mountains.

Benefits of Drinking Bottled Water

Most people don’t know exactly where their tap water is coming from, and potential contaminants in the water are a source of concern. With bottled water, the buyer knows exactly what they’re getting. Every bottle is packaged in a sterile location and approved by the FDA, ensuring that the water is clean and clear. Most brands of bottled water make their source available to the public, whether it’s an artesian well or a fresh spring. In other words, their water comes from some of the purest sources of nature. Many brands are also naturally infused with minerals, offering an added health benefit that you can’t get from tap water.

Bottled water also offers much more variety than traditional tap water. Each brand has its own distinct taste–some are crisp and cool, while others are fresh and earthy. From rainforests in Fiji to aquifers in Norway, cold springs in the mountains to artesian wells in the countryside, bottled water is sourced from exotic locations all around the world. Some brands offer water that was purified by nature, while others use man-made purification techniques that still preserve the water’s unique flavor. And unlike tap water, brands like VOSS and Perrier offer sparkling and flavored waters to add some excitement to your drink.

The best brands also come in convenient, portable bottles that can be transported anywhere, from a long train ride to a hiking trip in the mountains. Some bottles are made of hard, reusable plastic that reduce the use of throwaway bottles. If you’re planning a day trip, it’s easy to grab a bottle at the store and toss it in your backpack.

Best Bottled Water Brands

It’s difficult to define the best brands of bottled water, as everyone has their own tastes and preferences.

  • Fiji is a popular brand that’s bottled directly at the source, with little outside influence. The result is a clear, earthy brand of mineral water that started life in an ancient rainforest.
  • For those who prefer something a little more modern, Smartwater is purified and enriched with minerals like calcium and magnesium, while still maintaining the crisp flavor of pure water.
  • VOSS water, bottled directly in Norway, comes in a sleek, cylindrical bottle that saves storage space and stands up to harsh climates.
  • CORE water comes in a similarly sleek bottle, and boasts the right combination of minerals and electrolytes that’s directly suited to your body’s needs. It’s crisp, cold, and delicious–and like the best brands, it fits easily into a purse or backpack.