Types of Guitars

What type of guitar should you get? Guide to the most popular types of guitars for 2018.

  1. Concert – Small and easy compared to a dreadnought, these types of guitars are appealing with they offer a more balanced tone with a flexible midrange.
  2. Jumbo – Jumbo guitars are larger than dreadnoughts and they have a well known bassy sound that projects a lot of volume. These types of guitars are great if you have a big crowd.
  3. Dreadnought – Perhaps the most well known out of the ones mentioned above is the dreadnought. It’s the most common type of acoustic guitar in the market
  4. Parlor – This guitar is specifically a folk artist favorite as it’s body is very comfortable and small allowing for musicians to play for long hours. Because they are small bodied, at time this is reflected in the lack of dynamic range.
  5. Tenor Guitar – If you are looking for a small frame, consider a tenor body guitar. These type of guitars only have four strongs and have a much smaller scale, hence, tuned differently than six string guitars. They are a lot less common than the ones mentioned above but worth digging into.