Types of Degrees Online

Associate’s Degree

An Associate’s Degree is earned from a two-year college, typically a community college or career school. It generally takes 60 college credits to complete, which include general education courses, electives and courses required toward specified major. Most often, students obtain their Associate’s Degree in either business, health, engineering, IT or early childhood education. Once they earn an Associate’s, it’s most common to transfer the credits towards a four year, Bachelor’s Degree Program. If finances are an issue for you, earning your Associate’s Degree at a community college is the best option for you because it will be a lot cheaper than attending a four year University. Once you’ve earned your Associate’s, you could transfer to a four year college, where you’d only pay for the remaining credits you need to achieve a Bachelor’s.

Common Associate’s Degree Courses:

  1. Liberal Arts and Sciences
  2. Nursing
  3. Business Administration and Management
  4. General Studies
  5. Business/Commerce
  6. Biological and Physical Sciences
  7. Criminal Justice/Police Science
  8. Medical/Clinical Assistant
  9. Accounting
  10. Culinary Arts


Other Types of Degree Programs

The internet has changed the way people get their education. A traditional bachelors degree can take you about four years to complete. Online degrees, on the other hand, take about 36 months or shorter. With online education, you can focus more than going to a traditional college.

There are far too many benefits of getting online degrees than going to a college. First, there are no transportation costs and other costs involved by going to a traditional school. Second, it gives you more flexibility. You can study and work at your own pace. If your energy is at an all-time high in the evening, you can study in the evening. Getting an online degree is also more affordable compared to going to college. It can also help you become more motivated as you’ll be on your own.

Numerous online degrees are available, but here are the top online degree programs you should consider:

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

A traditional business administration degree takes about four years to complete. With online courses now available, it only takes about 36 months to get a degree in business. You can specialize in different fields like marketing, management, finance, human resources, entrepreneurship, etc. You can get a separate bachelors degree in each of these fields too. Getting a business degree will enhance your problem solving, decision making, and analytical skills. You can become a manager, financial analyst, marketing expert, and several other careers in business. You won’t run out of opportunities.

Online Masters in Business Administration

You will have stronger credentials when you proceed with a masters degree in Business. A traditional MBA degree takes about two more years to complete. With online, it would depend on how much time you have. If you can focus more, you will finish early. This degree will give you more career opportunities, as with many higher education programs online. You can become a management consultant, investment banker, operations manager, or a CEO with an MBA. You’ll have more skills too.

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Studying Psychology helps you understand people more. There are several areas of study you can specialize in. Some of them include memory, memory and cognition, neuroscience, psychotherapy, personal development, abnormal behavior, several others. If you concentrate in Industrial or Organizational Psychology, there will be more job opportunities for you as The Bureau of Labor and Statistics list them #1 fastest growing occupation. Of course, you can still work in other fields. Some of the highest paid careers in psychology include a mental health counselor, family therapist, career counselor, engineering psychology and research psychology. The opportunities are endless.

Online Computer Science and Engineering

Getting this degree online will basically give you numerous careers in every industry. It takes a lot shorter too compared to getting a traditional computer degree at a college. You can become a software developer, database administrator or a computer programmer.

Online Bachelors Degree in Graphics and Multimedia

Organizations will always need competent graphics multimedia designers. So getting this degree online, especially when you really give out your best, will give you an edge over graphic designers who didn’t get a formal education. More job opportunities will be open to you. You can become a multimedia artist, sound effects editor, technician, game designer, and many other jobs related to graphics and multimedia.

Although there are people who still prefer the traditional college, we can’t deny the fact that getting an online degree has more advantages and benefits. Apart from its affordability, you can save more time.