Back in May of 2017, Trumpcare became law after being endorsed by the House of Representatives. Trumpcare is officially known as the American Health Care Act of 2017 or AHCA. One of the main purposes of AHCA was to replace former President Barack Obama’s Obamacare. President Trump’s health care reform is beneficial for many people. Keep reading to discover how Trumpcare can personally help you and your health care needs. 

Trumpcare vs. Obamacare

The best way to explain the American Health Care Act and its benefits is by comparing it to the former Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was the primary health care law under the Obama administration in 2010. When President Donald Trump gained control the White House, he decided to change this healthcare bill. Trumpcare does not eliminate Obamacare but it does partially replace it. Here are the key differences between these two health care laws:

• Trumpcare doesn’t require a person (individual) to pay a tax for not having insurance. Obamacare did tax people who didn’t have any type of insurance.

• AHCA uses healthcare subsidies or assistance with paying for coverage. AHCA provides lower subsidies or assistance with healthcare. Obamacare paid out more money for healthcare, but it put a greater strain on government healthcare funding.

• Trumpcare doesn’t require healthcare policies to offer coverage for certain categories. These categories often include functions such as outpatient services, mental health and substance abuse and/or prescription medication. The American Health Care Act allows the states to use a waiver so they can decide what they consider to be the most important categories of healthcare coverage.

The states would then inform insurance companies within their jurisdictions to sell plans based on the categories they believe to be important. Ultimately, insurance companies would decide which categories of health coverage would be marketable to the public. Obamacare made it mandatory for states to provide coverage for certain categories related to health. Even if a person didn’t need all the coverage required Obamacare.

• Under the AHCA, Medicaid expansion would be phased out. The phasing out of Medicaid expansion would save the country more than $800 billion in Medicaid Spending. Obamacare encouraged Medicaid expansion and spending. Obamacare would simply cost the nation more money to keep going.

There are other similarities and differences between the two plans. Ultimately, Trumpcare provides states and insurance companies with more freedom in terms of policy coverage. More importantly, AHCA reduces government spending on healthcare. The American Health Care Act is a better plan because it is individualized for a person’s needs and it costs the government far less money in terms of healthcare.

How will Trumpcare benefit you?

AHCA allows policy holders to get coverage they need. They do not have to purchase mandatory medical services they will probably never use. Also, the American Health Care Act is better suited for the economy. This law requires the government to use less money to cover healthcare costs for individuals. You do not have to worry about being taxed for not having coverage. The government understands that being insured is a choice. Ultimately, the American Health Care Act is designed to help “Make America Great Again”. The former Obamacare needed to be put to rest. Trumpcare works because America works.