Top Healthcare Related Degrees

The Best Online Healthcare Degree Programs

When deciding to pursue an online health care degree, it can often be overwhelming to choose an online program that is right for you. With the list of courses and programs offered online increasing every year, there is a lot of information to wade through. Here are some options for you to consider when searching for the right place and education program that fits your career aspirations.

Medical Billing Degrees
A medical billing degree offers a wide range of careers in the healthcare industry. Combining business management with technology and medicine, medical billing and coding jobs are expected to grow 16% by the mid 2020s. Herzing University offers an Associate’s degree that focuses on medical coding, processing insurance claims, medical terminology, healthcare ethics, and health information management. Kaplan University not only offers billing and coding coursework, but also anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology courses.

Registered Nurse Programs
Chamberlain College of Nursing offers two routes for students to take. The first route consists of 72 credit hours of course work for a two-year degree, focusing on anatomy and physiology, chemistry, microbiology, nursing, interpersonal communication skills, psychology, maternal care, and more. The other route is intended for those who have already earned LPN credentials, offering an abridged course leading to an RN. However, only residents of Ohio are eligible for the LPN to RN abridged course. Tuition is $665 per credit hour with a $95 application fee. Financial aid is accepted.

Excelsior College offers two different Associate’s degrees, an Associate in Science degree and an Associate in Applied Science degree. Both courses are 67 credit hours and focus on skills in research, symptom management, nursing infomatics, and other general health courses. Students have the option of taking the courses online or through a series of CD-ROMs sent to them by mail. There is a $400 enrollment fee, and each course in the nursing programs costs $300. Excelsior does accept financial aid.

RN to BSN Degrees
The next step up for a registered nurse is to acquire a Bachelor’s in Science of Nursing. BSN programs tend to take a bit longer, but graduates with a BSN are often sought out by medical employers.

Allen College offers an online RN to BSN course to those who have already fulfilled their general education requirements at another institution. Students must also have a GPA of at least 2.5 to be accepted. Coursework focuses on leadership skills,nursing research, and professional writing.

The University of Central Florida’s online RN to BSN course is one of the finest in the nation. Classes can be taken fully online or can be taken in a mix of online and on campus. To be considered, students must have at least a GPA of 2.8, an Associate’s degree, professional experience as an RN, and have a valid RN’s license.

Careers in the medical field are easier than ever to obtain thanks to online degrees. They are often inexpensive, accept financial aid, and allow students to earn their medical billing degree, RN degree, or BSN degree in the comfort of their own homes on their schedules.