Top 8 Rewards Cards

Using credit cards can pay off. This goes against the conventional wisdom that argues that credit cards are definitely an entity that should be avoided at all costs. Some financial gurus encourage people the literally freeze their credit cards so that they cannot get to them without melting the ice. This will keep the unwitting consumer from using credit cards and falling into debt. Dave Ramsey argues that you should not hold credit cards under any circumstances. It’s true that some people should avoid credit cards like the plague. Those who are undisciplined can fall into some pretty serious debt.

On the other hand, there are some pretty great benefits that can come from using credit cards. Those who have a solid credit score and who have the requisite discipline to only buy what they need and pay off their balance in full each month can get credit card rewards that can go toward building up a cash reserve or taking a nice trip. Getting reward cards each year can be an important aspect of a family’s overall financial plan. The cost of swipe fees is already built into the cost of any item that one might buy, so getting some of this cost back in the form of credit rewards can be a smart move. Here are eight of the leading reward cards that are currently on the market.

1.Capital One Rewards Venture Card

One of the top credit card rewards programs has Jennifer Garner as a spokesperson and asks what’s in your wallet. This would, of course be the Capitol One Rewards Venture Card. Capital One offers a nice sign-up bonus for those who spend $3,000 on the card within the first three months. This bonus usually runs between 40,000 and 50,000 “miles.” These points are not real airline miles that a user can redeem for a specific airline, but each point is worth a penny. Each dollar spent on the card adds an additional two miles to the user’s account.

In effect, this is a cash-back card, but the rebate only gets applied to travel expenses. Those who would like to offset the cost of an airline ticket or hotel expense should consider the Capital One Venture card. In addition to airfare and hotel costs, many tours and other travel-related expenses can effectively get erased through the use of Capital One miles from the Venture card. The spending requirements required to get the bonus would give a cardholder at least $460 to use on travel expenses. Anyone who likes to travel or even needs to travel could benefit from this card.