Top 8 Booze Cruises

Booze cruises come in a whole lot of flavors, and wouldn’t you love to try them all? Here we offer a wide selection of cruises ranging from exotic day parties, simple happy hours, elite tours, to week long themed experiences. Cruises may be annual, monthly, daily or by charter only.

Some cruises are themed by a type of libation and some simply encourage drinking while seeing the sights of a beautiful local. The size of the boats and what they onboard accommodations they offer vary widely. Appropriate attire varies from cruise to cruise, and it is wise to ask if children, or people under 21, are allowed before planning to bring them along. Booze cruises are sometimes available for weddings, corporate events, and parties.

When planning a booze cruise bear its wise to keep a few details in mind and to research them before making your reservation. Some cruises offer free libations (and even food) and some do not, and this should be reflected in your expectation about the cost of a cruise. Many cruises ban bringing libations at all, and it’s not always clear if this is so from their advertising. And no matter the style of the trip or party, you should expect that some tipping will be involved. Have a great time on your booze cruise vacation!

Sometimes just buying a nice bottle of wine and drinking it at home with a special meal is better than taking a trip.   Some specialty stores sell expensive wine and cheap wine that taste just as good.

1. Bourbon Country Cruises:

Once a year, the American Queen Steamboat Company offers its extremely popular Bourbon County Cruise. This trip includes onboard tastings and tastings at famous distilleries such as Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Wild Turkey, and Willett Small Batch, and the Heaven’s Hill Bourbon Heritage Center.

The cruise itself also has bourbon themed meals, cooking demonstrations, and bourbon themed gifts nightly. There are also special speakers. Last year’s presentations included Bill Samuels Jr., son of the founder of Maker’s Mark and a bourbon historian.

A walking tour of Frankfort, Kentucky, with a tour of the Buffalo Trace distillery and lunch at the Claudia Sanders Dinner House and a performance by the Juggernaut Jug Band are included in that day trip.

The cruises start in St. Louis and end in Cincinnati aboard the 436 passenger American Queen, lasting 9 days, or at least it did at the time of this writing. The American Queen Steamboat Company recently launched a new boat, the American Duchess, and the details of 2018’s cruise haven’t been published yet. Stay tuned for pleasant surprises!

These cruises are extremely popular. Prices are exactly what you would expect for such a special theme cruise, and these trips sell out, so a call to the company even in advance of the general announcement is advised.