Top 2018 Wedding Dress Styles

A wedding is a chance to show off. Weddings allow the bride to demonstrate her personal style. Many women want to remain classy and elegant yet express themselves all at the same time. Nailing down one particular style may be a daunting task.

Start by learning the different dress styles and fabrics available. If you want to have a trendy, modern dress, follow todays popular styles. Styles that are highly popular in 2018 include the following.

1. Capes

Capes are in for wedding dresses. A diaphanous cape in a light fabric can help any bride feel like a princess. Look for capes that are right for the season. Winter capes should be thicker while those in summer are better with thinner materials. Some women use capes in place of a long veils. Have an expert stylist match your cape to your dress.


2. Bell Sleeves

Fun bell sleeves are right in style right now. Bell sleeves help show off delicate wrists and well toned arms. Think about sleeves that create a flower like effect just right for any bride. Brides come in all shapes and sizes, ball sleeves accentuate every woman’s best features.


3. A Hint of Color

Another popular trend today is the use of elegant color. Just a hint of color is in style. Subtle shades of pink are wonderful along with other pastels. If you want to add color to your look without getting a colored dress, colorful shoes, belts and veils are a great alternative option.


4. Ruffles

Ruffles add a feminine touch to any outfit. A large ruffle can serve as a focal point for the dress and make it shine. Smaller ruffles make the wedding dress feel special. Many designers are using them on the skirt of the dress as well as across the neckline.


5. Belts

A belt is being see on many runways today. The belt can help define the entire look by creating a top and a bottom. A belt can also help define the person’s waistline. Thin belts are ideal for the bride who wants to help emphasize her fit abdomen. Many designers are showing them in white and using materials such as leather or cotton. A leather belt helps bring an expected element to the dress as well as contemporary flair.

6. Separates

While many brides like the idea of a having a dress, separates also popular for brides in the coming season. A bride can find pants that let her keep warm if she has a winter wedding. The bride can also decorated skirts that may be highly detailed and elegant. Brides today can easily create their own look that is entirely unique. Separates are perfect for the bride looking for something truly special.