Top 10 Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars offer standard gas engines and electric motors for greater fuel efficiency. The electric motor in a hybrid performs best at low speeds while the gas motor works best at high speeds and gives more power. The gas motor can charge the onboard batteries while it runs which means hybrid drivers don’t face the same risk as electric car owners: getting stranded without an outlet to charge. A hybrid is the most gasoline efficient car you can by with a fuel economy of 48 to 60 mph, which can save $400 to more than $600 per year.

Hybrid vehicles have been around since 1997 with the introduction of the Toyota Prius and they have come a long way. Hybrids have rapidly increased in popularity as most major manufacturers have introduced their own models with lower prices, longer distances on a single charge, and more features. The Prius may have dominated the landscape for a few years but there are now dozens of hybrid vehicles, many of them midsized cars, that offer features to rival the popular Prius. Here are the top 10 hybrids to consider for 2018.

1. 2018 Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius was the first hybrid car to be mass produced and it remains the most popular hybrid vehicle in the United States. The Prius has more than two decades of history with a proven track record and brand recognition. There are plenty of reasons the Prius remains one of the most powerful hybrid vehicles in the United States. The 2018 model combines an impressive 52 mpg overall rating with a comfortable ride, responsive handling, and a user-friendly touchscreen infotainment center. The hybrid powertrain has also been upgraded with lithium-ion batteries with the Prius Two Eco trim option. The Prius One and Prius Two trim models offer 201.6V batteries.

With the rear seats folded down, the 2018 Toyota Prius has 66 cu ft of cargo space which isn’t bad for a mid-size car. The front is equipped with 3 LCD monitors, advanced voice recognition, Siri Eyes Free, music streaming, hands-free capability, an integrated backup camera, and more. The front bucket seats are heated while the driver’s seat has power lumbar support and can be adjusted 8 ways.

The 2018 Prius does fall short in a few areas. While the cabin is fairly quiet, you will notice loud tire noise on less-than-perfect road conditions. This is because the tires are made for optimum fuel economy, not absorbing every shock. Acceleration can also be sluggish, although this is typical with hybrids.