Top 10 Cell Phones on The Market

With so many different cell phones on the market these days, consumers can be overwhelmed by all of the choices. Advertisements cell phone companies put out will typically highlight the best new feature of that year. However, consider which features are important to your everyday life.

Do you need the highest quality pictures, or is space for music more important? Do you need a large screen for watching movies or something smaller to fit in your pocket?

Phones are more affordable if you chose a monthly payment plan, starting from around $10 a month. Many companies are now offering this feature for most smart phones.

Though there are many great phones, not every phone may be right for you. Consider what you want from a phone to determine which is the best for you to purchase. A new phone is an expensive commitment, so consumers should consider their options carefully.

The list of the top 10 cell phones on the market, may help make the purchasing decision a bit easier:

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a lot of RAM, which means high processing rate. It also has the infinity screen feature, which is becoming a more popular look. It boasts being waterproof, which shows an impressive amount of durability. This phone also comes in many color options, costing $900 to buy outright.

2. iPhone X

Having the new iPhone is what many tech fans look forward to every year. The iPhone X is the newest generation phone. It includes a lot of cool features and innovations including wireless charging, a new sleek look without a home button, and facial recognition software for unlocking. The price is over $1,000, but the specs are impressive.

3. Google Pixel 2

This phone is getting great reviews for many reasons, including it’s large display screen and great sound quality. The XL version is even water resistant. Having a long battery life makes this a top 3 phone to have, as many people depend on having a phone that lasts all day.

4. Galaxy S8

The infinity display on this phone takes up almost the entire front surface, which makes for a very cool, sleek look. Prices on this phone have dropped a lot, making it a fantastic deal. It is slimmer than other large smart phones, making it ideal for the consumer who wants a compact smart phone with the capabilities of a large smart phone.

5. LG V30

LG has released this latest Android phone, and it is generally considered the best LG cell phone to date. It’s front design is almost entirely screen, and many are saying it has the best video recording capabilities of any smart phone on the market.

6. iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is being released along with the iPhone X and it is another great option for a new phone. It has a similar design to past iPhones but has a new glass back and is more water resistant. The iPhone 8 is said to be more compatible with the latest software updates than previous iPhones.

7. OnePlus 5t

Not everyone has heard of the OnePlus, yet there are enough users to push this product to a 5th generation. This smart phone has great screen quality, and an incredibly fast charging speed. At a price point of $500, it intrigues the cost-conscious purchasers.

8. LG G6

Even though the newer version of this phone has been released, it is still on the top 10 list for a reason. This Android smartphone has a high-quality camera, is shock resistance, and water resistance. As the LGV30 has come out, the price on the LG G6 has dropped significantly.

9. Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Another Android phone, the Huawei brand brings a unique spin on the smart phone. Huawei Mate 10 Pro has a beautiful display and a speedy processor. The phone will become available in stores the US this year.

10. HTC U11

HTC U11 is a relatively affordable phone that doesn’t skimp on good features. It has great audio quality and camera quality. The screen resolution is high, which means a clear picture. It’s affordability among other smart phones makes it stand out.