Tiny Homes as An Affordable Living Option

A great option for downsizing is to move into a tiny home. Tiny homes are becoming more and more popular because they are small, functional and incredibly affordable. You can live in on a small plot of land in a family member’s back yard to save even more money, but you can also purchase your own land for a minor fee. More and more seniors are choosing tiny homes over senior apartments because they can stay close to their family members as well as save tons of money.

Although they are small, tiny homes can offer plenty of storage space without going overboard. You would be surprised at how much storage you can fit into a tiny home. Most tiny homes have a loft space that can either be for a bedroom or used for storage.

Designing Your Tiny Home

When it comes to designing your tiny home, make sure that you tell the designer everything you want to be inside of it. From custom kitchens to a large shower, whatever you desire, you can probably get for the right price.

Why You Should Choose a Tiny Home

Tiny homes are a great option for someone who wants to save money and downsize while still maintaining a new and modern home. Tiny houses can have everything that a normal size house has just in a smaller way.

The Average Price of Tiny Homes

An average tiny home can cost around $23000. If you want a custom-made tiny home then you might expect to pay around $60000. The average home price is around $300k so as you can see, a tiny home is a much more affordable option. When you pay less for your home, that means you have more money for traveling or whatever else you want to spend your money on.