The Different Types Of Diet Plan

Today, people are struggling with weight issues. The lifestyle and eating ways are such that people have gained weight and they usually eat food items that are high in fats and cholesterol. Apart from diet, other factors that lead to obesity is lack of physical activities, sedentary professions, and not following any workout routine. However, the major reason why people have health problem is that of an improper diet. While people ignore the consequences of their eating behavior and indulge themselves with consumption of junk food, sweet drinks, and high calorie processed food items the end result is often obesity that is followed by many health problems.

If a person is obese and overweight he must follow some type of diet plans to get back in shape and rethink over the eating habits. Overlooking your eating pattern and getting fat and out of shape not only looks wrong but it leads to serious health-related predicaments such as high cholesterol, sugar, and heart-related diseases. Those people that are obese have a higher chance of suffering from heart problems, diabetes, and other life-threatening ailments.

Combine With Exercise

To start losing the excess weight you need to commit yourself to a diet plan followed by some light exercises. Here it is pertinent to mention that before starting any diet, you must first discuss your lifestyle, health issues, and medical history with a doctor before you start with a specific diet plan. The consent of the doctor is absolutely necessary if you want to follow a diet plan in a safe way.

Some of the different types of diet plan are discussed to give you a better idea on how to go about a diet routine.

Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet was introduced by Dr. Robert Atkins in the early 60s  and it is a low carbohydrate diet where you restrict the intake of carbohydrate in your diet. During the first phase of this diet for a period of two weeks, you will take the least amount of carbohydrates not exceeding 20g in net carbs daily.

During this period protein remains the rich source of diet with consumption of red and white meat, eggs and cheese. In phase two the carbohydrate amount is increased to 50g daily, followed by phase three where carb consumption reaches 80 grams. The final phase is the maintenance phase where the carb level is maintained at 100 grams. This type of diet is simple to follow, however, you need to make sure you get your fat from healthy sources and you make sure your protein take is sufficient.

Paleo Diet

Paleo diet takes out certain food groups to create a diet where you lose fat fast. A Paleo diet which does not eliminate dairy and grain have high nutritional value where it slowly helps to shed off weight. Along with this diet deficit plan, you should make sure that you follow a workout plan to get the best results