The Best Electric Cars

It looks like electric cars could be coming en masse even sooner than we though. While once only the car company Tesla came to mind when speaking about Electric Vehicles (EVs) but now more and more car companies are taking up a stance of all-electric.

Last month GM announced that it would be transitioning to all-electric by 2023, with other companies like Volvo and Ford taking up similar stances.

It’s not hard to see why so many people are falling in love with electric cars, they offer so many benefits over traditional combustion engines.

The biggest benefit by far is the fact that they don’t require fossil fuels to operate, only electric, making them a clean driving option. But, there are also more tangible benefits for the average consumer.

EVs are much cheaper to operate than a combustion vehicle, cost roughly one third less per kilometer on average. And, due to the lack of moving parts, EVs cost much less to maintain as well. It’s also been shown that they are safer due to the nature of their design.

So, with more and more options hitting the roads every year, what are the best EV cars out right now?

2018 Kia Soul EV, MSRP: $33,950, Range: 111 miles.

The Kia Soul EV is battery electric version of the Kia Soul. This compact electric car gets great mileage both on highway and in city. For the 2018 Soul EV the overall battery capacity was raised from 27 to 30 kwh.

Most electric cars run quiet with nothing more than a light whizzing noise, the Soul EV actually runs so quietly that that noise has to be artificially produced for pedestrians sake.

2018 Tesla Model S: MSRP: $74,500, Range: 259 miles.

The Tesla Model S just beats out the Model X, another car that routinely shows up on best electric car lists. Mainly it beat out the X due to the fact that it’s about $5,000 cheaper and gets a slightly better range.

2018 BMW i3: MSRP: $44,450, Range: 114 miles.

Just because you decide to buy an electric car doesn’t mean it can’t also be a luxury car. I3 from German car maker BMW gives your all of the quality design and precision that they’re known for while giving you a clean, efficient electric.

2016 Ford Focus Electric: MSRP: $29,170,  Range: 76 miles.

The Ford Focus Electric does suffer from a low range, but it makes up for it in plenty of other ways. For instance, while many electric cars still get complaints about how small they are the Focus Electric was designed with 4 doors and a hatchback offering plenty of room for passengers and cargo.

The Focus Electric doesn’t exactly scream electric car either. It looks much more like a traditional combustion vehicle, perfect for people who want to go electric without looking like it.

2017 Fiat 500e: MSRP: $31,800, Range: 87 miles.

The 500e was built with design in mind. Every part of this car is mean to look like a work of art, and function like a well-tuned machine. Even the exterior mirrors were designed to cut down on drag while still looking gorgeous.

As more and more car companies move towards electric cars we will see the more interesting and beautiful cars coming from manufacturers. Those cars will have to bring everything they’ve got if they want to dethrone these five cars that are already out and available.