Taking Care of you Car Mats

Cleaning and maintaining your car mats and floor liners is good for many reasons. Periodic cleaning can prolong usability and appearance of your mats. It will also improve the overall appearance of your car since the floorboard comprises a large portion of the interior area. You’ll experience healthier breathing when dust is not allowed to settle into the mats. Make mat cleaning a regular part of your auto care.

Invest in a battery-operated, handheld vacuum designed for auto care. If you don’t have to pull out the house vacuum and extension cords, you will be more likely to enjoy car detailing more often. There are plenty of carpet stain removers available in spray form as an aid.

At home, remove car mats and lay on a flat area. Vacuum thoroughly to remove all loose dirt and grit. You can rub dry baking soda into carpet mats to deodorize, but then allow to stand for about 30 minutes. Vacuum again vigorously before applying any water. Spray stain remover on spots and allow to stand the recommended time. Use a stiffer bristled brush to concentrate on lifting spots. A bucket of warm, soapy water and a soft brush is the next step.

Many different types of soap will suffice, including laundry soap, dish soap, or even shampoo. Baking soda can be added for a scrubbing effect. Work soap deeply into the pile in one direction. Then work in the opposite direction. Rinse away soap using a garden hose or bucket of clear water and the brush. Check stain spots to determine if they need a second application of the stain remover. If so, apply and allow to soak the recommended time and rinse again.

You may go to your local car wash to clean car mats. Spray stained spots before leaving home. Lay mats on a flat surface and start with the high-pressure wand on the soap setting. Switch to the foam brush for scrubbing, then return to the wand to rinse. Reapply stain remover if necessary.

To dry, hang mats over a clothes line or rail. Flip mats to ensure both sides are completely dry. This is easy on a sunny day. In cooler weather mats may be taken indoors overnight with a small fan placed toward them.

Floor liners are easier to clean. Frequently, it is not necessary to wash the underneath side. At the car wash follow the same procedure as for carpet mats. Start with wand, then foam brush and back to wand for final rinse.

At home, clean floor liners using a bucket of warm soapy water and a soft brush followed by rinse using the garden hose. Vinyl or rubber liners dry faster than carpet mats.

While the mats are out of the car, this is the perfect time to vacuum the floorboard thoroughly. You may apply the finishing touch of a carpet freshener at this time.

With practice, cleaning your floor mats and liners will become a natural and easy part of your auto care.