Are you thinking about buying a new vehicle? There are many types of cars to choose from, which can make the shopping experience a little overwhelming. If you want a car that offers a lot of bang for your buck, consider an SUV.

Sport-utility Vehicles: What Are the Benefits?



Most people who are considering a sport-utility vehicle are looking for a combination of power, fuel efficiency, and space. Some offer maximized power and room, but they also have reduced fuel efficiency. Others are the opposite. When you begin looking at sport-utility vehicles, you’ll be glad to see that there’s something for everyone.

The Ability to Tow

This is one of the biggest positives offered by a larger vehicle. If you opt for something smaller, you won’t have the ability to tow. You may not have anything to tow right now, but what about five to ten years from now? If you start itching to buy a travel trailer or fifth wheel, you’ll need to also buy a new vehicle to tow it. Choosing a full-size vehicle now will prevent this issue.

Storage and Space

There are a lot of possible reasons that you would need a roomy car. You run a carpool with the other parents in the neighborhood. You have a huge family. You transport rescued dogs or haul antique furniture. Perhaps you simply enjoy having more space.


Sport-utility vehicles used to have a bad reputation. This is because the older models had the tendency to roll over. Modern car manufacturers have done a lot to correct this problem. Todays models are much less prone to rollovers.

Driving a sport-utility vehicle has other safety benefits as well. Manufacturers construct these automobiles using a strong frame. This gives them a high safety rating for collisions. Along with this, you’ll be a little higher off the ground, giving you a better view of the road ahead. Being able to see a farther ahead can make a huge difference when it comes to accident avoidance.

What Are the Common Types of SUV?

Once you decide to buy a sports-utility vehicle, you’ll need to choose the type that would best suit your needs. There are a few options.

Compact Crossover

If your goal is to maximize fuel efficiency, start looking for compact crossovers. These vehicles offer the benefits of both larger and smaller cars in one attractive package.

Compact crossovers are like large cars. They usually have smaller engines and lower tow capacity than the full-size version. This is what makes them so fuel efficient. If you’re not towing large trailers or going off road on a regular basis, you’ll most likely do fine with a compact crossover.

Another benefit of the smaller size is the handling. Larger automobiles are designed for off-road conditions. They come with a body type that can cause the vehicle to twist while turning and reduce tire traction. Compact crossovers don’t have this issue.

Some examples of popular crossovers include the Dodge Journey, the Toyota Rav4, and the Honda CRV.


Perhaps you need more space than what’s offered by a crossover, but you don’t need a full-size vehicle. If so, check out the mid-size option.

This type of automobile is more like a truck and usually comes with a six-cylinder engine. This allows the vehicle to handle off-road terrain while still doing well on the road. A full-size will offer a roomier interior than a crossover. Many have efficiently designed storage spaces to maximize functionality.

Examples of mid-size vehicles include the Kia Sorento and the Jeep Grand Cherokee.


If you want the biggest and most powerful vehicle available, you’ll want to choose a full-size. You’ll be able to haul just about anything, tear down off-road trails, and pack the whole family in for a ride.

These vehicles will burn a little more fuel than the others on our list. However, technology is improving all the time. In general, all vehicles are becoming much more fuel efficient.

Handling doesn’t have to be a negative, either. If you want a full-size vehicle, you’ll need to get used to the way it handles both on and off road. After a little time, you likely won’t notice a difference.

Popular full-size models include the Ford Explorer, the Cadillac Escalade, and the Nissan Armada.

What are you waiting for? Life is an adventure, and with the right SUV, nothing will stop you from exploring the open road. Begin shopping for your new vehicle today!