Survival Pen

The focus of this article is to provide you, the reader, with an understanding of survival pens. You will receive an overview of what they are, who needs and benefits from them, how they are used, and why you should own one. In addition, you will be presented with a variety of options to choose from, including average costs and durability information. Finally, an overview will be provided explaining the positive aspects of these pens.

Survival pens are a personal protection device that present as a writing utensil but double as a self-defense weapon. Because of their presentation, they resemble a writing tool, which can be utilized to sign checks, complete paperwork, and fill out documents. Not only do they function as a pen, many options function as additional hardware apparatus such as, flash lights, screw drivers, and bottle openers! To the person sitting next to you, it resembles a simple and basic pen, however, they remain unaware of the durability of this pen and the ability it has to protect you.

Anyone and everyone should own survival pens, moms, dads, grandparents, sons, daughters, campers, engineers, everyone! “Why?”, you ask? Number one reason, self-defense! Survival pens, while rarely lethal, are designed to protect and cause extreme discomfort, startling attackers. Survival pens are a Perfect gift for your daughter or son going away to college or, for our elderly loved ones or neighbors living on their own, protecting them from intruders, and for you, to protect yourself in your home, while walking home from the bus stop, or walking to your car in a dark parking lot in the evening after grocery shopping.

These pens can be used in many ways for self-defense. They can be used in a sweeping motion, a stabbing motion, and a scraping motion, just to name a few. Many survival pens are made of high-quality durable materials such as titanium, tungsten carbide, and aircraft quality aluminum in order to hold up to the unknown. The crown of the pen not only acts as a glass breaker, but it is also constructed to collect DNA from jabbing, stabbing, and scratching. Grooves on the ensure a stable grip is maintained on the device to lessen the chances of dropping the pen.

Survival pens can also save your life in disaster situations. Some examples include the following but are not limited to, car accidents and disasters is weather situations. They have the durability to break glass, if you are in a car accident and require the need to break a window, survival pens can get the job done. During disastrous situations, such as emergent weather, bags or backpacks should be kept in your home or car for these types of emergencies. Should you need to get out of your home quickly or get to shelter, you can grab and go! Having the necessities to make it through these situations can save your life and the lives of those you love.

The cost of a survival pen will vary dependent on durability, sustainability, and designs. Less expensive options are available in the $10.00 – $30.00 range, such as the Anikuv tungsten steel glass breaker multi-functional survival pen and the Smith and Wesson survival pens. Ranging from $30.00 – $100.00, includes options such as, Gerber Impromptu and Hoffman Richter Stinger survival pens. Finally, looking for a pen in the 100.00 – 300.00 range a suggestion would be the Benchmark tactical survival series or the Boker Titanium flame pen, both are sturdy, standing up during self-defense, and include additional bells and whistles.

You have been provided an overall view of the practical uses of tactical pens. Who they benefit, how they should be utilized, construction materials, and an example of some options and price point ranges. Overall, you received a positive view point of how these devices can assist you daily, while maintaining your health and safety!