Styling Your Long Hair

Most women long for long hair! Although there are some women out there who simply can’t get their hair to grow to a long length, most women just have to forego their reoccurring hair cuts to let their hair grow out. Long hair can be super fun to style because you can pretty much do any type of hairstyle with it. When you have short hair, you are a bit more limited as to what you can do. With long hair, you can twist, curl, or braid it as much as you want.

Tricks to Tame Long Hair

Although long hair can be fun to style, it can also be a little hard to maintain. Long hair can tangle easily so it might be a good idea to invest in a detangling spray if you decide to grow your hair out. This will help smooth and condition your hair after the shower so it will be easier to brush through. You also might want to invest in a strong hair spray. When you curl long hair, because of it’s weight, the curls tend to fall out faster. But if you use a decent amount of hairspray, the curls should last longer.

Ways to Get Long Hair

If you have short or medium length hair and can’t seem to get your hair to grow any longer, there are three things that you can try. First, there are some shampoos that claim that they promote hair growth. While we can’t guarantee any results, it could be worth the try. Another thing that you can do is take vitamins. There are certain vitamins out there that help with nail and hair growth. You can typically find them in any drug store. Lastly, you can get extensions. There are affordable options that you can purchase online and clip in yourself or you could choose to pay more and visit a salon where they will professionally sew or glue them to your head.

Changing Up Your Hairstyle

The fun part about having long hair is that you can constantly switch up your hairstyle. You can wear it down and straight or down and curly. If it is a hot day, you can twist it up into a ballerina bun or a chic ponytail. French braids are a fun hairstyle that keeps your hair out of your face. You can also accessorize your hair with scarfs, headbands, claw clips and barrettes.