Streaming Services

Internet video streaming has quickly been making it into our everyday lives. From the early days of YouTube which gave most of us our first look at this platform, to today when our smartphones come pre-installed with various apps to access these services. It’s becoming clear that these services are soon to be the new norm for entertainment distribution.

One of the driving forces behind the quick adoption of these new services is the versatility of devices that they can be accessed from. Of course they can be accessed from computers and tablets, but now they can be downloaded to nearly every device in our homes and even our pockets. Smart TVs, home consoles and even the smartphones we carry with us every day can access any movie or series on the service.

Though sites like YouTube may have paved the way for video streaming, and even offers their own premium service called YouTube TV, there are more and more options available every year. From pioneers such as Netflix and Hulu, to new offering coming from large, already established studios and companies such as HBO Now and Disney+, the landscape of these services has never been more diverse or plentiful.

With these new offerings come an enormous amount of choice and variety in what you can watch. No more being limited to what shows are available on television or being forced to pay for packages that include channels that you have no interest in. Customers can pay one low subscription fee and have access to the vast library of movies and television shows, past and present. Customers who would like to avoid purchasing packages of any kind can also select individual movies, series or even single episodes for a low fee.

Anyone who has purchased a cable package at the absorbent price they seem to cost these days will quickly realize that there is another hidden cost. Commercials. One of the most appealing aspects of these new services are the ability to skip commercials or the lack of them all together.

Along with access to the same shows and movies that you find on TV, these new services have been making their own productions, sometimes garnering higher praise than their Hollywood and television counterparts. Not only that, but these services don’t force you to wait week after week for the story to unfold, giving you the option of binge watching even the newest of their offerings.

With the ever growing availability of streaming services and the platforms from which we can view them from, there is no shortage of options when it comes to accessing your favorite movies and series. With unparalleled convenience and a constantly growing library, these new services are set to dwarf what the standard cable providers of old could ever dream of offering. As the number of providers grows for these services, we can expect for the price to stay affordable, if not become even more so over time, making them a viable option for everyone.