Snow Removal Tips

With the winter months upon us, it can be very helpful to know the best ways to remove the snow that builds up around your home during the season.

Removing snow from your driveway can take a lot of time with a shovel, but there are great products out there that make the process of snow removal easier. Electric snow shovels are like snow blowers in that they blow the snow away from the area you’re trying to clear. The difference between the electric snow shovel and a regular blower is that the electric shovel doesn’t clear as wide of a path. The typical electric shovel only plows a 12 to 13-inch path. If the property where you reside has a very small driveway, an electric snow shovel may work well for you. It is also great for clearing paths around vehicles and clearing sidewalk areas. It is not meant for very deep snow as it doesn’t have as much power as many snow blowers.

The snow blower models that are single stage are best used for plowing driveways that are of moderate length. Two-stage blowers are more proper for removing snow from long driveways. According to Snow Blowers Direct, a blower that is two stage is typically easier to move around due to the likelihood of it being a self-propelled model. Blowers are typically available in both electric and gas models. Snow Blowers Direct states that the benefits of electric blowers are that they are cheaper than gas models and that they don’t require the changing of engine oil. They also state that the benefits of gas blowers are that they don’t require the use of long power cords to operate and that they clear deeper snow and make wider paths.

If you choose not to purchase a blower to go the shovel route, you’ll want to buy one that has a nice, sturdy handle so that it can handle heavy snow. The handle should be long enough for your height, and the scooper part of the shovel should be very wide so that you don’t spend all day shoveling snow.

There are many products available that can help you remove snow and ice buildup from your car. First, there are sprays you can mist on your windshield to help aid in the removal of ice. Owning a heated windshield scraper can make removing ice buildup from your car easier. There are specialty snow brooms you can purchase that make clearing snow from your vehicle very simple.

Even the roof on your home can require snow clearing. According toBoston Magazine, if your roof has a pitch, you’ll want to use a snow rake to take snow off the area. If your roof is relatively flat, they recommend shoveling snow. They don’t recommend climbing ladders to remove the snow, however. They also recommend that you not scrape the roof.

When salting your walkways and driveways, keep in mind that Bob Vila states that salt will only be effective when the temperatures are greater than 12 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale. You can also apply sand to ice if you’re completely out of rock salt, but Bob Vila says that sand is basically a method for gaining traction instead of helping to melt the ice. There are products out there that combine salt and sand, so perhaps they may be the answer for both better traction and ice melting capabilities.