Signs You Need An Oil Change

Oil change is something that is vital to the well-being of your car. A clean oil prolongs the lifespan of your car engine and improves its overall performance. But how do you know it is time to change the oil? Here are the most common signs you need an oil change.

Presence of Smoke From the Exhaust

When working, a car’s engine should produce a colorless vapor. During cold weather, you may see a translucent vapor coming from the exhaust pipe. This is normal and should not be a cause of worry. However, if you see a dark smoke, it could signify an oil leak in the engine. The smoke can also mean there are some parts of the engine that are faulty.

Oil Smell Inside the Car

If the vehicle is smelling oil, it could be a sign of a leak in the engine. Take your car to the mechanic immediately to have it checked. You can also read about oil change tips online to see what it takes to have a healthy engine.

Black and Dirty Oil

The color of fresh oil is slightly translucent. As the engine continues to use up the oil, the color changes to black. The black color is due to small deposits that come from various parts of the engine. It is difficult to tell when the oil begins to change its color. One way you can tell is to check the oil at least after every 30 days using a dipstick. Remove and wipe the stick with a cloth before you place it in the oil tank. Remove it again and check the color of the oil on the surface of the stick. If the oil covers the stick to an extent you cannot see its surface, then you need to change your oil.

Engine Noise and Knocking

The major function of oil in a car’s engine is to protect all the parts of the engine. It prevents metal- to- metal brushing and keeps the engine silent. If your oil is not performing its job effectively, you will hear rumbling sounds coming from the engine. When this is not checked, the noise will become louder and more parts of the engine may wear and tear due to lack of lubrication.

Oil Indicator Light

When there is an issue with your oil, the car will alert you itself. The oil indicator light on the dashboard will turn on when the level of oil goes down. In this case, you should use the dipstick to find out what is happening.

Oil change maintenance is very cheap and simple. It is also one of the most important maintenance techniques you can use to prevent your car from aging prematurely.