Saving On Magazine Subscriptions

How to save on magazine subscriptions?

When checking out several subscriptions, publishers often give the best deals to new subscribers as an incentive. Offering discount or freebies is the best and most effective way to attract new subscribers.  As an existing subscriber, you’re more likely to keep your subscriptions if you’re offered attractive rates on a regular basis or an occasional bundle offer. Be on the search and sign up for newsletters as publishers are often finding ways to maintain existing customers happy.

Buying digital has been the best option for a lot of subscribers in today’s world.
If you can bear to part with actual pages and get yourself to  look into a screen then digital is the answer for you. Not only do they offer competitive pricing, it is often cheaper than getting it mailed. Not only are you making your home less cluttered by magazines, you’re doing good for the environment.

Take some time to check out magazine discount websites. More often than not these types of providers offer bundle offers, first time discounts, digital only, weekly or monthly options, etc. The only downfall to third party providers is that a lot have reported being scammed but this can be prevented. Prevented by doing research on the url you are buying, always make sure they are approved by the Business Bureau, and never give out personal information such as social security number, banking information, or identity information.

Another easy way to save on magazine subscriptions is talking to your friends. Gather a group of people that you know or have similar interests and offer to swap. Each person can get a magazine subscription and at a certain time swap with each other. This is an excellent alternative to subscribing to every magazine out there because let’s be real, there’s hundreds.