Popular Eyeliner and Eye Makeup

Popular Eyeliner and Eye Makeup

Eyeliner, eye makeup and eyeshadow is having a moment in 2019, which makes this the perfect time for you to explore this makeup staple! Whether you’re new to eyeliner or a seasoned makeup pro, we’ve got ideas for you to play and find the looks you love.

First, let’s start with the basics.

Types of Eyeliner

There are a few different types of eyeliner formulas out there. Here’s what you need to know to choose the right one for you.

Pencil: Pencil eyeliner is the classic eyeliner formula. Pencil liner can be sharpened or rolled out of a tube. There are many, many types of pencil liners. Some are very long-lasting and some are not as durable. Pencil liners are great for day-to-day wear and more natural looks, but you can also build up many pencil liners for a more intense style.

Liquid: Liquid eyeliner is the key to classic looks like a cat eye and cut crease liner. Liquid liner can also be used to achieve a very precise look. It requires a steady hand. If you’re not practiced at applying liquid liner, then give yourself some time to get used to applying it.

Gel Eyeliner: Gel eyeliner is like a cross between pencil and liquid. It’s known for being a long-lasting eyeliner formula. Gel eyeliner sets, which means that once it’s dry it will stay put. This is great if you apply it the way you like. It’s not so great if you’re mistake-prone! Just make sure you have time to practice with gel eyeliner before working it into your regular makeup routine.

Eye Makeup Colors

Once you know what type of liner you need, it’s time to pick a color. From elegant neutrals to playful colors, the sky’s the limit! You can contrast your eyeliner and eye shadow colors, or choose colors that go together.

Neutrals: Neutrals are great for everyday wear and in a professional setting. If you prefer a more natural, minimalist look, then neutrals are also a great option. For neutral shadows try skin tones or muted colors like you would wear as a blush or bronzer. You can also wear certain metallics like sheer gold or bronze as a neutral as well. Neutral eyeliner color is generally brown, black, or khaki.

Colors: Colorful liners and shadows are really popular this year, so play! Blue, green, purple and even red is showing up on the red carpet. “Color” can be anything from a wash of pretty pastel to bright, fully pigmented liners and shadows. A fun trend is to do a smoky eye look with a bold color instead of black. You can also line your eyes with colored liner and keep the rest of the look neutral for a modern style.

Glitter: Don’t forget about glitter! Glitter eyeliners and shadows will get you from 0 to party-ready in no time. It’s super-festive and just fun!

White: Substituting stark white liner for black liner is a cool, current trend. This look will make a statement, so be ready to turn some heads!

Most importantly, whatever eyeliner and shadow you choose, make sure you love your look. Makeup should make you feel beautiful and powerful. If a certain popular style doesn’t ring your bell, then skip it! Choose something that you absolutely love and your beauty will shine through.