Popular 2020 SUVs That Are Affordable

Those who want to find an affordable SUV option will still want something that meets their needs in other ways, and they can find a great vehicle when they look through every option.

They can choose an SUV that is easy to get into if they are a bit older, or they can get a new, yet affordable, SUV if having something modern is important to them. They can also look at all of the crossover SUV options and consider what might be best.

Toyota Rav4

The Rav4 has been one of the top rated midsize SUVs for the last 10 years. They offer a trim for every budget ranging from the basic model LE starting at $25,950 to the high-end Limited All-wheel Drive model starting at $35,880 that can challenge even the best luxury SUVs out there with it’s features. The 2020 models offer generous leg-room and cargo space, making it one of the most desirable SUVs on the market for families and the avid road-trippers.

Pricing: $25,950 — $35,880

MPG: 28-30 MPG (Combined)

Drive: Front-wheel and All-wheel

Seats: 5


Kia Soul

This vehicle is very reliable and is well-loved because of that. People also appreciate the low cost for this vehicle, and older drivers like how easy it is to get into the vehicle. It is a great option for people of all ages because of how easy it is to see out the windows and because of all of the safety features that come with it.

Pricing: $17,490 — $27,490

MPG: 27-30 MPG (Combined)

Drive: Front-wheel

Seats: 5


Honda’s CR-V

Those who want to go with a more affordable vehicle need to know that Honda can be on their list of options. It is a brand known for its reliability, and that might make those who are searching for a vehicle feel good about choosing it. This special model has very wide doors, which makes it one of the better SUVs for seniors. It also is very responsive, and those who are concerned about the cost of gas while driving an SUV will be happy with its gas mileage.

Pricing: $25,150 — $34,850

MPG: 29-30 MPG (Combined)

Drive: Front-wheel and All-wheel

Seats: 5


Hyundai Santa Fe

Many great safety features are standard in this vehicle, and those who are primarily concerned about safety with their new SUV will like that. They will also like the price for this SUV, as its base price is lower than many. It has such features as adaptive cruise control and a blind-spot warning, and it is a great SUV for all drivers because of that.

Pricing: $26,275 — $39,575

MPG: 22-25 MPG (Combined)

Drive: Front-wheel and All-wheel

Seats: 5


Nissan Kicks

Those who want to buy something exciting will be interested in the Nissan Kicks because it is one of the newer options for SUVs. It is fairly small, and it is an easy vehicle to drive around. Its base price is low, making it one of the cheapest new SUVs on the market, and it gets very good gas mileage in the city and on the highway. Because it is so small, it is easy for older people to get in and out of this vehicle.

Pricing: $18,870 — $21,120

MPG: 33 MPG (Combined)

Drive: Front-wheel

Seats: 5



This is one of the best crossover SUVs out there, and those who are interested in that kind of vehicle will like to see how this one drives. Its price is fairly low, and it is rated well by customers and experts. It is a sleek-looking vehicle and may be the best 2020 SUV for those who are looking for more of a crossover-type ride. It is a powerful and roomy option.

Pricing: $25,190 — $37,155

MPG: 24-28 MPG (Combined)

Drive: Front-wheel and All-wheel

Seats: 5


Subaru Forester

One of, if not the, top picks for senior citizens looking for an SUV is the Subaru Forester.  Not only is the Forrester designed for comfort, it also boasts exceptional visibility with easy to understand controls on the dashboard.  The Forester also comes with many state of the art safety systems, like automatic emergency breaking, and lane departure warnings.  Lane-keeping assist also comes standard. The Subaru Forester becomes one of the safest options for the senior citizen looking to have the capacity of an SUV.

Pricing: $24,495 — $34,595

MPG: 29 MPG (Combined)

Drive: All-wheel

Seats: 5