Options for Lupus Treatment

Unfortunately, most physicians do not want people to recover or get better. The medical field and the world of medicine along with pharmaceutical companies want to keep patients dependent on prescription drugs that only provide temporary relief for the symptoms, and not targeting the main reason for the illness, instead of eliminating the underlying cause of the disease they treat the side effects. They are continuously being given prescription drugs to treat the problem, they may feel better but they are totally dependant on the medicine, which sometimes can lead to chemical dependency. Medicines should not be used for a long term solution for lupus and most illnesses.

There are new and innovative methods that are available for patients and can heal most diseases they may have. With diseases and the symptoms associated with it, there have been extraordinary finds during research for treating this illness and get to the root cause of it. The different options of treatment for lupus can vary.

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease. The immune system attacks the body’s healthy tissue and organs. It causes inflammation and pain, throughout the entire body. The symptoms of this disease can be the same as with that of thyroid disease, and fibromyalgia. This condition can be difficult to diagnose.

Stem cell therapy is one option that is having promising results that are combating this condition. Stem cell therapy is for people that have this disease and it does not respond to most treatments. The procedure helps stop the organs from being damaged, it greatly reduces the need for steroids, that could have harmful side effects.

4R treatment is another option that can reverse this illness. Repairing a leaky gut is promoted by having a healthy immune system. This is the beginning stage to reverse the autoimmune condition. A change in diet is necessary. Inflammatory foods such as gluten, soy, eggs, sugar, and caffeine cause inflammation. Gut infections need to be treated as well. Infections in the gut can be Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, parasites, and Candida.

The 4R option helps to restore digestive enzymes by adding higher concentrations of probiotics to help repair the gut and improve the immune system. A powerful gut-repairing powder can also aid in nourishing the gut cells, restoring the mucosal lining, promoting fatty acid production in the gut. Adding collagen is a very important part of the 4R therapy. It is high in amino acids that repairs perforations in the gut, healing damaged cells and building tissue. 

Adjusting the diet is a huge accomplishment in reversing the illness in a patient that suffers from autoimmune disease. The removal of gluten from the diet is vital for 4R therapy, helping to combat the autoimmune condition. Elimination of all grains from the diet is necessary. Foods that contain proteins or lectins are natural pesticides that are used for spraying crops and can be very harmful to the lining of the gut. 

Detox is the final part that is implemented in 4R therapy. Detoxing of toxins from the body aids in flushing out the organs such as the kidneys, liver and other organs.