Online MBA Degrees Under $10K

Obtaining an advanced business degree is a valuable asset for professionals and undergraduate students who want to fast-track their careers or simply pursue a higher education degree to stimulate their professional growth. Online MBA programs are designed to be flexible, providing enrolled students time to complete their coursework while maintaining their jobs and personal commitments. Along with accelerated eLearning platforms that integrate graphics, videos, podcasts, and streamed lectures, online MBA programs take a traditional business curriculum and combine it with digital media to help students learn how to solve everyday business challenges and manage projects.

Many students may be skeptical about the quality of education they receive from enrolling in online graduate business programs. However, reports published by Pearson Education Group and the Journal of Statistics Education suggest that teaching business courses through interactive platforms is more effective for younger traditional college students and non-traditional adult learners. Some online graduate degree programs allow students to customize their degrees, taking courses in multiple specializations that impact their current or future job aspirations. Other online MBA programs focus on a more traditional education path, offering students courses that concentrate on one specialization of choice.

Fostering communication and implementing the most innovative business technology are the core elements of the most successful online MBA programs. Utilizing advanced technology to help facilitate classes, online MBA programs provide numerous opportunities for students to network and interact through team projects, web and video conferencing, discussion boards, and email.

Online graduate business degree programs vary in length and cost, depending on the school and concentration. While the tuition rate for an advanced degree in business can be as low as 10k or as high as $100,000, this investment will increase your career options and earning potential in today’s competitive job market. If you are ready to collaborate with other business professionals, hone your leadership skills, and receive training to take on a management role, check out these top-rated programs for approximately 10k.

Master of Business Program at California State University- Dominguez Hills

The online Master of Business program from California State University- Dominguez Hills offers enrolled students a convenient and reasonably priced graduate business degree they can complete in under two years. Fully accredited and created for working professionals, the Master of Business program delivers a comprehensive curriculum that combines project based leadership courses with communication based training. Students will thrive off the interaction with their peers and instructors while learning about effective business leadership and mastering decision-making skills.

CSU- Dominguez Hills MBA courses are scheduled in 12-week sessions. Full-time enrollment consists of two courses per session. To successfully complete the MBA program, students are required to complete all course assignments, elective credit hours, and participate in discussions via Blackboard Connect several days a week. Class projects and electives are designed to support what is taught in the virtual classroom, as well as foster communication with peers and instructors.

The online MBA program offers students eight concentrations to choose from. Specializations include General Business, International Business, Management, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Marketing Management, Information Technology Management, Human Resource Management, and Finance. A complete application to the MBA program includes a two-page personal statement, a current resume, and academic or professional references.