Natural Treatment for Dry Eyes

Natural Treatment for Dry Eyes
Dry eye is a condition in which a person’s tear ducts do not adequately produce tears to keep eyes hydrated. This can cause itching, burning and reddening. Many have a sensation of something in their eye. Some report discharge from the ducts. Because the eye is dry, vision can become impaired, blurry vision and over-tired eyes. Computer and tablet use exacerbates the symptoms.

The new trend toward holistic, natural treatment for maladies has provided good news for people who suffer from dry eye. There are many options available that will keep you from the need to purchase medicines and introduce chemicals into your eyes. Dry eye treatments do not have to be expensive, but you should do your best to follow a regimen that will keep your eyes hydrated.

Nature has the Solution

Lack of hydration is a major cause of dry eye. The human body requires water to survive and maintain balanced health. This goes for the eye, too. Drink more water and less diuretic drinks like coffee, tea and caffeinated soda and you should feel relief from the dryness.

Comfort Machines May Make Things Worse

If you are in a colder region or a high-humidity part of the world, you may use machines to help improve your physical comfort. Heaters and air conditioners are torturous for dry eyes sufferers.

Heaters. Heaters affect human hydration because heat is evaporative and removes moisture from the air. When you use a heater, it is advised to use a humidifier to improve the humidity levels in your home, so you are kept hydrated.

Air Conditioners. Air conditioners, by design, remove humidity from the air. When you use an air conditioner, you should drink plenty of water to rehydrate your body.

Personal Care Devices. Fans and blow dryers can also make eyes dry. It is advisable to avoid blowing air into your face to help reduce the occurrence of wind-dried eyes.

Care for Your Dry Eyes

Here are some dry eye treatments that can work wonders for your problem. Any natural treatment is often advised for dry eye because the problem is lack of hydration. This can be relieved by a few changes to your behavior.

Physical Changes. Consider wearing sunglasses outside to reduce the opportunity of wind to dry your eyes. Change your lifestyle to improve the hydration for your eyes.

Lifestyle Changes. Consider changes to your diet and behavior.

Sugar. Reducing sugar and artificial sweeteners have been found to help with dry eye. If you’re diabetic, you should keep your blood sugar levels balanced.

Habits. Stop smoking, reduce or eliminate caffeine, and drink more water. Don’t only stop smoking, but avoid secondhand smoke, too.

Eat more fish. Salmon, sardines and anchovies contain Omega-3 fatty acids that are overall good for a person but also help to relieve the symptoms of dry eye.

Compress. You can get immediate relief by putting a warm, wet compress over your eyes for five minutes when symptoms flare. Massaging your eyelids with a no-tear soap like baby shampoo can help to hydrate your eyes. Blink more often; blinking triggers the tear ducts and helps produce natural tears to hydrate your eyes.


Thanks to advancements in medical research, more people are finding natural remedies for dry eye. Though this is a clinical disease and can be chronic, following a few lifestyle changes can relieve the symptoms of dry eye.