Memory Loss

We all as humans can be forgetful, let things slide through the cracks, or simply just be stuck in a fog that causes us to forget certain things. Everyone suffers from a certain level of memory loss just with some variations more extreme than others. There are many different reasons that one may suffer from memory loss, the more basic reasons could be your diet or the more serious possibility of cancer or anything related in that matter. You may lack the ability to recall new events or lack the ability to remember events from the past or both.

One of the biggest symptoms of memory loss when you begin to forget newly learned information. This could extremely hinder your daily schedule and could result in you repeatedly asking for the same information repeatedly. This would dramatically increase your use of aids with your memory. Leaving yourself notes or beginning to use your calendar on your phone to remind yourself of important dates that have been ingrained in your brain forever are huge signs of memory loss.

We go through our lives learning routine after routine after routine and once we are set in a certain routine as humans it’s hard to get us out of that. One frustrating thing that could hinder this is memory loss. Once certain steps in a long checklist are missed due to memory loss can lead to frustration not only with the situation but also with yourself.

Treatments for memory loss can vary, because it also comes down to your specific cause of why you are experiencing memory loss. For the most part doctors subscribe vitamins to aid in the functionality of your brain. Blood pressure medicine can be subscribed to decrease the risk of brain damage due to blood pressure. Other recommendations could include dietary change, to reduce any sign of brain fog or memory loss. In some cases, medication may be prescribed if another disease is found.


  • Stay Mentally Active
  • Socialize Regularly
  • Get Organized
  • Sleep Well
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Include Physical Activity daily


We hope to put you in a position where you can regain your health and continue to improve your daily gut health!