Managing your Blood Pressure

There are some scary things out in the world. There are things that cause us to be fearful that are not even real. A lot of those things are truly in our head and they just play mind games with us. High blood pressure however is not one of those things. It is very real and is very serious. It is terrifying to hear those words from your doctor. “Friend, I’m afraid you have high blood pressure.” You may think to yourself, “ High blood pressure? Me? That’s impossible. I feel great.” You may have felt great but that is the scariest part about this diagnosis. There are no symptoms. It is has literally been named “The Silent Killer” for this exact reason. The realization of what the doctor just said hits you like a punch to the face and pictures of death and heart attacks start coming to your mind. Although you have every right to be terrified when you first hear those words, you shouldn’t worry. With the right amount of knowledge and information, you can manage your blood pressure and keep it from escalating to the point of no return.

There are many products you can purchase to help manage your blood pressure. For instance, you can purchase your own home blood pressure cuff also known as a sphygmomanometer. These are handy because you can test your own blood pressure anytime without the aid of a doctor. By monitoring your numbers, you can avoid strokes, heart attacks, eclampsia and several other problems that occur when your blood pressure goes too high. Symptoms of a heart attack include chest pain, dizziness, and sweating. Watch for these signs whenever possible. You may also purchase medications and blood pressure charts.

Perhaps the easiest thing you can do to manage your blood pressure is to exercise and lose weight. Cardiovascular health can be improved greatly just by getting out and being active a few days per week for a short time per day. Along with this, you can change your diet. Consume less fat and less sodium. A poor diet is a huge factor when it comes to blood pressure and clogged arteries as well. Obesity and diabetes is also avoided when the right amount of exercise and the right foods are combined.

Smoking is another factor that comes into play when dealing with your blood pressure. Quitting nicotine will improve blood circulation and your heart rate will improve drastically. The blood pressure will lower after the first day and after the first year, the risk of heart related diseases caused by smoking is cut in half. Low blood pressure, as long as it’s not too low, is great for the body and with no nicotine to be had, your oxygen levels will return to normal.

Lastly, the best thing you can do to treat any symptoms blood pressure problems is just to be happy. Lighten up the mood and get outside and take a run. Your mood has last effects on your blood pressure. If you have anxiety, your blood pressure may spike. Participate in healthy activities that make you feel good and make you smile. Meditate throughout the day and do try a relaxing exercise such as yoga. Breathe when you’re stressed. Low blood pressure may not seem any better than hypertension, but it is okay as long as it’s not too low. If you have low blood pressure, you are at less risk for heart attacks or strokes and that is always good news.