Lifestyle Changes That Can Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is an unwanted condition that 18% of all men will eventually experience. This condition will start to show up in men by the time they are 40 years old. ED is not life threatening unless there is a major underlying health reason for its cause. While this condition is not life threatening for most men, it is life changing.

Men who can no longer experience an erection typically must endure major changes to their personal romantic relationships, self-esteem and even their identity. ED can be managed and even reversed with some lifestyle changes. The following information will provide you with more knowledge about how to best deal with this condition.

What Creates ED?

The simple answer is lack of blood flow to a man’s penis. When a man has problems with getting blood flow into their penis, an erection does not occur. This in turn causes a guy to have ED. He cannot get an erect penis and satisfy his partner. Specific causes of erectile dysfunction could include dysfunctional nerve signals that do not reach the penis from the brain, injuries to the penis, spinal cord or pelvic area; diabetes, cancer treatments, excessive drug and alcohol use and lack of exercise. Some guys simply lose their desire for sex and just don’t get aroused like they use to in the past. It happens more often than you think.

Standard Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Oral medications such as Viagra and Levitra are commonly used to treat the causes of erectile dysfunction. Some men inject alprostadil into their penis with a needle. This substance allows them to temporarily achieve an erection. Alprostadil can also be inserted into the head of a man’s penis in the form of a suppository. Testosterone treatments are sometimes used as well to improve erection rates among men. Remember, many guys lose testosterone as they age. As a result, they might not be able to achieve an erection. Other treatment options such as penis pumps and penile implants are also used to treat ED.

Lifestyle Changes to Help Reverse ED

Some guys have ED because they don’t eat right or exercise. Once again, a lack of physical activity and persistently eating the wrong types of foods could impact a man’s penis in a negative way. Some guys have been able to achieve an erection once they started to exercise and eat healthy. Remember, exercise helps to improve blood flow in a man’s body and eating healthy does the same. This in turn actually helps some ED sufferers to get the erection they want and deserve.

Erectile dysfunction treatments can also include therapy or counseling. Remember many guys can’t get an erection because they’re suffering mentally or have some type of mental health issue that prevents them from achieving this feat. If a guy is suffering erection loss from a mental health problem, it can be addressed and possibly corrected. Acupuncture and herbal health supplements could help ED sufferers as well. Guys should also be careful of their alcohol and drug use. Some people who drink too much or get high too often can experience erectile dysfunction. Alcohol and/or drug use can have this type of effect on people.