Learning How to Style Thick Hair

For those with thin hair, having thick, full hair is a blessing. But for the people who actually have thick hair, they might not be so happy about it. Thick, long hair can be hard to tame which means washing, brushing and styling it can be a pain. But with a little skill and patience, styling thick hair can be a breeze.

Hair Products Just For Thick Hair

There are tons of hair products out there and plenty that are made just for people with thick hair. Unfortunately, thick hair can sometimes be frizzy or unruly. This is where a wax-based product or anti-frizz serum comes into a play. All you need is a small amount of product, run it through your hair, then style it as you normally would. To emphasize the products you can run a flat iron through your hair, which will give it a sleek, shiny look.

Flattering Haircuts For People With Thick Hair

People who have thick hair need to make sure that they choose flattering hair cuts for their face shape. Sometimes thick hair can seem like all one shape, which is not particularly flattering on most women. Getting layers is a great way to give your hair some shape. Also, cutting bangs can give your face more angles. If you are afraid to cut full bangs, you can always choose some face-framing side bangs, which will sit at an angle. The shorter you cut thick hair, the thicker it appears to be, so choose a longer style. If your hair is currently short, you might want to consider letting it grow out.

Ways to Reduce Volume

There are a couple of ways to reduce the volume of your hair if you think it is a little too much for your taste. One way is to put it up in a hairstyle like a ponytail or French braid. You can also use hair products that are meant to straighten and flatten your hair. You can use these paired with a flat iron for that sleek, straight look.