Ipad Tablet Options

When it comes to any tablet performance, nothing yet can rival the Ipad version. In terms of sales, tablet speed, and longevity, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, and other rivals still have a long way to go. If you’ve never experienced the Ipad difference yet, it goes like this.

Unlike any other tablet on the planet, the Ipad springs into performance in a spritely manner each and every time–regardless of whether you have a poor or superior Wi-Fi connection. This reveals that the software is the biggest secret why the tablet just can’t be beaten. Unknown to many, the producer of Ipad has not only equipped every tablet with an operating system or OS that has withstood the test of time: Unix.

Unix is the oldest OS for computers. The exact opposite of this OS is Windows, an OS built from the ground up by Microsoft. Because of this pioneering concept, Bill Gates and company would encounter super hurdles along the line even as Windows’ loyal following increased exponentially. It even came to a point, as everyone knows, when the company has faced numerous anti-trust or monopoly issues over the years as the popularity of the OS grew literally by leaps and bounds. It would make so much money for the founder to the point of becoming pronounced as the richest man in the world many times in a row.

Meanwhile, arch-rival Apple would persist in upping its game, believing in the superiority of a software technology based on mature and stable algorithms. This further explains why the Ipad tablet is harder to hack or to disable than any Windows-based computer gadget out there. With such persistence came the reward as America’s most revered company, a distinction that has remained long after the demise of Apple founder Steve Jobs.

A technology challenger from Asia, namely Samsung has consistently challenged the hegemony of the Ipad tablet with mixed results. Also, the RIM company and later on, BlackBerry Limited would issue a challenge with the introduction of  PlayBook–only to surrender in the process, competition wise. It appears that Android and the proprietary technology spearheaded by RIM haven’t been able to breach the persistent superiority of the Ipad.

Competition among the worlds top tablet makers continue to intensify, and yet, the secret ingredients found in all the Ipads of the world continue to stay hidden from the common view. Most likely, it will stay that way just as Unix derivatives Linux and other similar software variants continue their respective and quiet dominance in their playing fields. As the old saying goes, the best way to hide something is to keep it in plain sight.

From music to gaming to high fidelity videos, the Ipads of the world continue to outperform and out-economize competitors. In an increasingly app-driven world, no platform has more apps built for it than one of Apple’s most beloved products. More importantly, the quality and performance of these apps cannot compare with say Android and other apps. The screen resolution alone manages to keep Ipad loyalists well-invested in their downloads.