How to Style Medium Length Hair

If you aren’t a fan of super short hair but also don’t like maintaining super long hair, then a medium length haircut will be perfect for you. Medium length hair is easy to maintain and can be styled any way you want without the limits of short hair. If you want a haircut that you wake up in the morning, brush through and leave your hair, you can opt for a blunt cut. If you don’t mind taking some time in the morning to style your hair, you might want to cut some texturizing layers in the front.

Accessorizing Medium Length Hair

Hair accessories are becoming more and more popular these days and even the “scrunchie” is coming back into style! Other fun hair accessories include hair scarfs and headbands which can be worn with any length of hair and any style. Bobby pins and barrettes can also be used in a stylish way to hold your hair in place or in a certain style. Thin and thick ribbons are fun to pair with a ponytail or braid.

Going From Long to Medium Length Hair

Women with long hair tend to always want short hair and women with short hair always want long hair. While the grass is always greener on the other side, there is a compromise and that is medium length hair. Medium length hair falls beneath your shoulders but isn’t going all the way down your back. If you currently have long hair and are wishing for short hair, try a medium length first. This way you can see if you are comfortable with a shorter style without making such a drastic decision. Medium length hair is much easier to grow out if you want your long hair back again.

Easy Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Some super simple hairstyles for medium length hair can be a low ponytail with scarf wrapped around it or a loose French braid. You can also do two braids, Heidi braids which wrap over the top of your head or a side braid. A messy bun on top of your head can be an easy go-to style or you could tame it into a sleek ballet bun and accessories with a scrunchie or ribbon.