How To Get The Strongest Wifi Connection

In today’s day and age, we need fast internet speeds with minimal interruption. Whether you work from home, stream movies and videos, or just desire a fast connection, it is important that you know a few basic tricks for improving your WiFi connection. Try these three tips and see if your internet connection improves.

  1. Reduce Mirrors

This may seem odd to some, but it does make perfect sense. Mirrors have metal layers, and metal reflects WiFi signals. By reducing the amount of mirrors in your home, or the size of the mirrors, you can get a stronger connection.

  1. Careful Placement

Where you put your router makes a world of difference!

Keep it off of the floor

For the best connection, place your router on an elevated surface like a shelf or wall mount.

Out of the kitchen

Microwaves use the same frequency that WiFi uses, and large objects like your refrigerator can block or slow down WiFi signal. If your house phone isn’t WiFi-friendly, make sure you keep your router away from your cordless phone as well. Finally, a small kitchen interferes with the signal from your router due to the walls which keep it from moving around your house. Routers do best in open spaces, away from mirrors, doors, and windows.

Move it to the center of the home

If you really want the best connection from your WiFi, place the router on the top floor of your home, preferably toward the middle. This is because the waves put out by your router travel best when going downward or laterally.

  1. Switch your security algorithms

If you are still running your network on WEP, try changing it over to WPA or WPA2. This will keep unwanted individuals from hacking into your connection and slowing down your internet. While WEP is designed to keep hackers away, it simply is not as secure as using the WPA or WPA2 security algorithm.

While there is no absolute guarantee that these will fix slow internet, they can be attempted in order to help speed it up and give you the best connection. For best results, try combining these tips and see if your internet speed improves.