How to Find the Best Winter Tires

When its snows or the roads are covered in ice or sleet, it is important to get the right kind of tires to avoid accidents or getting stuck. If you live in an area that snows or if you constantly drive across snowy areas during winter, you should purchase high quality snow or winter tires.  While tires branded M+S or all-season tires may offer good traction during the wet season, they may not be sufficient for winter and therefore you still need to get the snow tires. But how do you choose these?

Know the size required

Different vehicles have different size of wheels. Before you make any purchase, ensure that you have the correct measurements of your tires. Snow tires that are either small or larger than your usual tires may not serve the purpose efficiently. What is the width of the tread, the interior diameter and the ratio between the interior diameter and the top of the tire? This is usually available as a code on the sidewalls of your regular tires.

What type of roads do you frequent?

Driving on city roads is entirely different from driving in the mountains or rough terrains. This implies that the tires that may be sufficient for city roads, may sometimes require additions such as chains to work efficiently on rough terrains.

Different types of treads

It is important to understand the different types of treads available and to understand their advantages as well as their disadvantages. This ensures that you make informed decisions based on your needs and circumstances and not purely on the information provided by the salespeople. Unscrupulous salespeople may have other agendas and they may, therefore, exploit your lack of knowledge on the tire treads that you require. Knowledge ensures that you ask the salesperson or attendant the right questions that will guide you in making informed choices.


This is a great determinant of the quality of tires you get and therefore, you should come up with an estimate before you visit the shop. Some vendors will offer package sales to enhance the affordability of the tires but you should analyze these well before you take them up. This ensures that the cost savings are not just psychological but that they actually exist. Remember that you are investing in these tires for long-term use and therefore you should not compromise on the quality for a short-term saving. This implies that you had rather buy high quality and pricier tires that will last for five years as opposed to buying tires that are cheap but will only last for a year.

Ice versus snow tires

There is a difference between these two. The ice tires are more often than not superior compare to snow tires. Check out the tires and make the decision based on where you are more likely to be driving during the winter season.

There are a lot of considerations when purchasing your winter tires. At the end of the day, they should be easy to use and handle, easy to maintain and durable. Winter tires are not a luxury, they are a necessity for all drivers to enhance the safe use of roads.