How To Dispose Of A Mattress

Disposal and recycling services eliminate the use of landfills as a graveyard for old and used mattresses. The recycling industry has discovered that almost 100% of materials in mattresses are recyclable and states have developed laws for safe and efficient ways to dispose of unwanted mattresses.

Unless a mattress is infested with bed bugs or is in a deplorable condition, people are given options, other than landfills, to dispose of their aged or unwanted mattresses. The three most common methods of mattress disposal are donating, reselling, and recycling. Each state publishes its statutes for mattress disposal so that tagging and sanitizing are used to ensure the safety of those recipients who receive recycled or resalable mattresses. Charities create their own guidelines and some organizations choose to refuse any donations of mattresses.

Goodwill Industries, a major American charity, has chosen not to accept used mattresses but their donation policy does welcome gifts of mattress pads, bed frames, bedding, and linens. The Salvation Army, on the other hand, not only will accept mattress donations, but also offers pickup service. People in need of sustainable housing look to Habitat for Humanity International as a source where they can buy reasonably priced home furnishings including mattresses.

One last organization worth mentioning is the Furniture Bank Association of America. This charity serves many individuals and families who are struggling in poverty and who need a helping hand with home furnishings. Pickup service for mattresses is limited to a 15-20 mile radius but they will also accommodate large donations by transporting them up to 450 miles.

It may be surprising to most recycling enthusiasts that there is very little waste when it comes to mattress recycling. After mattresses are disassembled, the major components are ready to be utilized in many industries from automotive to landscaping. The metal that comes from coils is commonly used in the production of automotive parts and construction materials and the softer materials, such as foam and cotton fibers, go into making insulation and carpet padding.

The landscaping business benefits from the wood to provide mulch. These examples are just some of the ways that mattress recycling has become an innovative tool for reducing waste in our landfills.

The next time you buy a new mattress, remember the different options that are available for the disposal of your old mattress. Mattress disposal is an opportunity to recreate something useful one element at a time.