How To Change Your Postal Address

Recommended Address Change Guidelines for Movers

Changing address is necessary when a person is relocating to another place of residence. Address change if inevitable when the person moving want to continue receiving pertinent government benefits and mails. For the record, an excess of 41 million people in the United States of America move annually. Because of these random movements of people, address change is important for official and personal reasons.

Apparently, there are several ways of changing address before and after moving. Firstly, the change can promptly and conveniently be done with the help of a Postal Service. Local post office is another option of getting the address changed instantly. These offices offer movers with a guide to enable them make necessary changes on their address profile.

Temporal and permanent Address change can equally be done with USPS. The former also offer email holding services for movers. It is also possible to change an address with other authorized government agencies such as;

  • Internal revenue Service: can change the address for clients expecting a new email or a tax refund. IRS can help in changing the address by filling in a tax-return-form with the new address details.
  • Social Security Administration: this can be done online through a social security account if you are a beneficiary in social security retirement, Medicare enrolment, disability benefits, and Survivors.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs: this option is available for veterans who regularly receive benefits and would like to update their personal information after relocating.
  • U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services: available for all non-US citizens who want to register or change their addresses.
  • State Motor Vehicle Agencies: the state can promptly change the motor vehicle registration and driver license address on call.
  • State Election Offices: State election office can help update the voter address.

United States Postal Service are reliable in forwarding emails to the specified new address when the bearer is temporarily out-of-town. This service is available for all mover within 15 days to 12 months with a renewal interval of 6 months. USPS can equally hold the mail for a client at the local post office for up to 30 days until the owner is back to collect it.

USPS offers excellent online services to enable clients change their address details easily. Changing the address is necessary regardless of the duration a person will be away. Those moving permanently are legally needed to update their address details. On the other hand, temporal mover are particularly needed to direct their mails to their new addresses for the designated period.