Home Furniture and How to Maximize Your Space

Are you falling out of love with your home furniture? Does it no longer reflect your lifestyle or personality? Maybe your old pieces are worn or outdated. Maybe they aren’t suitable for a growing family. Perhaps entertaining is a challenge. An investment in functional, attractive pieces that you love coming home to will pay off for years to come. What are you waiting for?

Here are some things to consider as you start shopping:

Living Space

Size and layout dictate what sort of pieces are most appropriate. A large, open living and dining floor plan gives you a little more flexibility, but you can make smaller rooms just as inviting with the right furniture.

  • First, ask yourself how formal or casual you want to go. There’s no rule that says you can’t mix and match styles, but overall, you’re shooting for a flowing, harmonious décor that complements your lifestyle.
  • A great sofa grounds any living space, so start with that. The popularity of sectional sofas hasn’t waned in the slightest. People just like having room to sprawl out. Reconfigurable sectionals are the most versatile. Homeowners love having the freedom to relocate the chaise or divide the sofa into separate pieces on a whim. Just changing out the throw pillows creates a whole new look. More traditional sofas are likely to have legs these days rather than sit directly on the floor. That gives the room a more open feel and allows for better light flow. If you go with a conventional sofa, check out the wide range of ottoman styles. Many ottomans double as storage spaces.
  • Reclining chairs are still big sellers, and you can’t beat them for comfort. If you don’t have the space, look for cozy armchairs, barrel chairs or swivel chairs. Classic wingback chairs add a touch of formality if you’re into that.
  • Accessories like console tables, coffee tables, end tables, bookshelves and rugs both complete the look and serve valuable functions. You must have a place to set your cocktail, show off a smart-looking lamp, or store reading materials. Rugs protect hardwood flooring, reduce noise and prevent slips.

Be sure to add some decorative mirrors. They bounce light throughout a room and create the illusion of a larger space.

Dining Space

Lifestyle is a crucial consideration here as well. If you regularly host formal dinners, you might prefer a glass- or marble-topped table with upholstered chairs. A dressy chandelier lends elegance, and a buffet or china cabinet comes in handy for storage.

  • If you prefer something more casual — or if you have a houseful of rambunctious kids — go with sturdy, worn-looking wood that is only enhanced by frequent use. The farmhouse look is still a favorite. The industrial or factory style, which is especially popular in loft living, usually incorporates metal.
  • Some families with small children love the convenience of bench seating. Bar stools are a must if you have a generous kitchen island, and the diverse selection is staggering.
  • If you entertain or expect your family to grow, consider a dining table that expands. For a small dining space, shop for a table with storage drawers.


Serenity, romance and a good night’s sleep should dictate which pieces occupy your most personal space. The bed, particularly a bed with a striking headboard, anchors the room. Don’t skimp on the mattress; your quality of sleep depends on it. Build from the bed with a dresser or armoire, nightstands, and lamps or sconces. An upholstered bench is nice to have at the foot of the bed. If you like having breakfast and coffee in your pajamas, a small round table for two adds a touch of luxury. Avid readers appreciate a comfy armchair and floor lamp.

Kids’ bedrooms require thoughtful planning. The furnishings must be durable and versatile enough to age along with your children. To provide functionality and save space, consider bunk beds or a loft bed over a homework desk. Take an inventory of toys, games and art supplies before you shop for storage pieces.

Work and Play Spaces

Work-from-home offices must be functional yet comfortable enough to encourage productivity. Get a spacious desk, a high-quality chair that supports good posture, ample lighting, and adequate storage for supplies. Leverage your outdoor living space. Comfortable pieces that can stand up to the elements take entertaining or leisure time to the next level.

Your furniture can make or break your overall comfort and mood. If you’re not delighted to come home each day, it’s high time you rewarded yourself.