Grilling Recipes & Tips

Tips for Grilling Food Correctly


Nothing beats food cooked by the grill. Grilling gives food an element that a microwave or stave takes away. There is something that gives it that unique fire-grilled taste & unforgettable texture. Well, when it comes to grilling food, it’s easier said than done. Here are some tips to make sure food is cooked safely & correctly.


Food Preparation Before Grilling


This is just important as the grilling process. Food must be prepped properly in order to cook properly. In order to cook correctly, food must be in the correct temperature. Here are three most important food preparation tips:

  • Keep meat refrigerated & remove 25minutes prior to grilling
  • Do no cross-contaminate foods in the fridge AND prep area
  • Do not use items on cooked food that were used to prep raw food


Cleaning Your Grill


When cleaning your grill, make sure to remove carcinogens. These are the areas of blackened gunk left over from the charred food. Carcinogens consumption may lead to cancer, so it is important to remove this, if the grill is commonly used. To reduce carcinogens, there are plenty of steps to do: One of the most obvious steps is to simply clean the grill thoroughly after each use, cook meats at lower temperatures, & less heat. Lastly, flipping meat often on the grill will reduce the amount of charred on the food.


How to Grill Meat Correctly


  1. Pick steaks that are an even thickness. Allow the steak to be removed from the refrigerator, & let it settle to room temperature before cooking.


  1. Preheat the grill pan or barbecue grill to medium-hot, & brush steak with a little seasoning & olive oil. While grilling, do not overcrowd the meat. This will prevent steaks from stewing while being cooked.


  1. For a medium steak, cook steak until the point when dampness shows up at first glance, turn and cook opposite side until the point when dampness is unmistakable on opposite side. Exchange the steak to a plate, cover freely with thwart and put aside to rest for 2-4 minutes to enable the juices to re-retain, making the steak succulent and delicate.


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