Gas Credit Cards

According to the 2016 United States census, a whopping 76.3% of people drove alone to commute to work and 9% of people carpooled. Based on this information that means that over 85% of people use a vehicle to get to work. Gas is not as cheap as it used to be and is often an annoying reoccurring weekly cost that comes out of your pocket. However, there are many gas credit cards that can help reduce the amount you spend and provide great rewards depending on what the credit card offers. If you like many living in the United States commutes daily then you should consider obtaining a credit card that provides great gas savings.

Different types of gas saving credit cards

Gas credit cards are just like any other credit card you apply for, the only difference is that the rewards program usually pertains to gas purchases. Many credit card companies will offer anywhere from 1%-4% cash back on any gas purchase. Some cards cater towards specific gas station vendors, so be sure to pick a card that fits. You may not want to get a card that only works with a gas station that is not located in your local area. Do some research, maybe look at which gas stations are on your daily commute, and then decide which credit card is right for you!

Some gas credit cards will even include promotional bonuses depending on how much you spend. If you spend a certain amount they might even offer complimentary coupons for convenience stores that are attached to a specific gas company chain or a discount on the amount you pay per gallon.

Some of the best gas credit cards offered here!

You should consider browsing some of the offers provided below for some great options for all types of gas credit cards. For those nervous about applying for a credit card because of bad credit, there is no need to worry. Many of our options also include great gas credit cards for bad credit. A majority of people have had an issue with their credit at one point or another and the goal with many of these offers is to provide you with the same opportunities as those with good credit.

There are also prepaid gas cards that will help you regain your credit score so long as you pay them on time. This is a great option for those who know they are in a tough bind, you pay up front and then use the card as you go. Within a few months of paying all your debts owed you should see your credit score increase!

If you already have great credit, there are some great rates available for gas credit cards. Select one of your favorites listed down below and apply. The application is easy and in a short amount of time, you will know if you got accepted for a gas credit card that will save you money on a regular basis.